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Setback and attitude reset

Community blogger Alan Foster writes: Starting weight: 225/Current weight: 205

Well, just as I suspected, Thanksgiving set me back a little.  There are no excuses to offer – I just plain ate too much and my activity level consisted of watching a lot of football.  It’s always discouraging to see the scale go up.  My plan is to turn the discouragement into motivation.  There’s just a few weeks left on this year long weight loss effort.  In football terms, it’s fourth quarter with two minutes left in the game and I’m down by a field goal.  If I can lose seven pounds – or a touchdown – before Christmas, I’ll consider it a win.  Three pounds would put me back where I had gotten and tie the game.  I’m going for the win!!

Crossing the bridge from 39 to 40

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Sitting
at my desk, I wonder how my life is going to change in six weeks. You
see, in that time frame, I will be ending my life as a 39-year-old and
start my journey as a 40-year-young woman.  I am specific about being a
woman because I am ready to grow up now. 
I am shedding my innocence with the passing of this bridge and forging a path that I am looking toward.

My ticket to the finish line

Community blogger Alan Foster writes: Starting weight: 225/ Current weight: 202

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve paid more attention to the amount of sugar I consume by following the advice of Jorge Cruise’s book, “The Belly Fat Cure.”  
I’m starting to believe this might be the ticket to finally losing these last few clinging pounds – pounds that are clinging to my middle.  I’ve never been one to put sugar in my coffee or on my cereal or even over-indulge in high sugar sweets, but just checking the labels of everyday foods proves I really consume more sugar than I thought.  Understanding how our bodies respond to sugar and how it affects the storage or use of fat makes it all the easier to say no to the remaining pieces of Halloween candy or a bedtime snack of seemingly innocent fat-free yogurt (with its 26 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce serving).  
Other than a few short walks, I haven’t exercised much this week.  So, when I stepped on the scales and saw that I’ve lost 3 pounds, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “SWEET”.  Pun intended!!

Major changes in my life

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Beginning Weight 230/Current Weight 150

For those of you in the larger community who have been following my raw food travels, I apologize for my extended absence.  I have a chronic illness and for many weeks, I have been in and out of the hospital as well as on long term bed rest. During this time, I have relocated out of the area and taken on different employment.  I am still a raw foodist, though I have reached a plateau with my weight loss.
I  have also altered my appearance as well.  I am submitting a current photo so you can see the changes. I would enjoy hearing from you and will accept words of encouragement too. In my case, the raw food lifestyle, is better for my condition that consuming any type of cooked or processed food. My physicians informed me that my prolonged illness was due more to the weather and stress, not by my diet. Physically, I am doing much better and learning how to appreciate the simplicity of life.
My family, though they understand my changes, can only see with carnivore eyes and do not care for my unique palate.  Each day offers different challenges.

Moving toward my goal

Community blogger Muriel Watson writes:  Starting Weight Jan. 1:  326.0 pounds  Current Weight:  243.0 pounds

This week has been a busy one at work.  I had inventory this week and that in itself is a huge stresser for me.  However, rather than letting it get to me, I decided to prolong my workout rather than stress over the outcome.  I am still working out on the eliptical 100 minutes every day, with the exception of Tuesday.  That was the day I completed my inventory and the day I decided I needed some extra time to work out.  To me, working out is a great stress reliever.  I ended up doing 130 minutes on the eliptical, instead of the usual 100 minutes!  Afterwards, I felt great!
I lost another 6.5 pounds this past week! After my disappointing meeting last week, this week's weightloss made up for it all. 
 Last week I was rather disappointed because I had not lost any "overall weight".  I had lost 6 pounds of body fat, however I also had 6 pounds of extra water weight. My doctor and I agreed it was because I had chosen not to drink as much water (140 oz.).  Unfortunately, that backfired and caused me to retain even more fluid.  Needless to say, I have learned my lesson and continue to drink all 140 oz of water daily.
I am still keeping my food journal every day and recording all my work out times.  I am only 1.2 pounds away from meeting my next 30 pound goal with Medi Weightloss Clinic.  I hope to exceed that goal next week!  Once I do, then Medi Weightloss Clinic will take my next set of "after" pictures so that we can compare them to when I started there in August. 
Overall as of this month, I have lost a total of 166 pounds since I began my weightloss journey back in November 2009.  It feels great to know that I am getting closer to my overall goal.  I used to think it would never be possible, but now I know it is not only possible, but also becoming a reality!

Watching my sugar intake

Community blogger Alan Foster writes: Beginning weight: 225 Current weight: 205

Last week I read the book “The Belly Fat Cure” by Jorge Cruise. It gave me an interesting insight on the role sugar and insulin plays on the amount of fat our body stores. While I’m not actually counting the grams of sugar I consume as the book suggests, I am paying attention to the sugar content of everything I eat. I’m finding a lot of “diet” foods such as my favorite Lean Cuisines have a sugar content that is a little high according to the book’s standards. Even my favorite fruits such as oranges and apples contribute a notable amount of sugar to my daily intake. Over the remaining weeks of this year-long journey, I’m going to try to significantly reduce the amount of sugar I consume. I sure would love to get below 200 pounds before the holidays arrive with pumpkin pie, eggnog, and Christmas cookies in tow.

Surpassing expectations

Community blogger Muriel Watson writes:  Starting weight- 326.0 pounds,  Current weight-  248.3 pounds

My weekly weigh in at Medi-Clinic went even better than I could have hoped for.  I was astonished to find out that I had actually surpassed my own goal of 3-4 pounds per week.  I am very happy to say that I lost 7 pounds this week!  I have so much energy.  I love the way I feel now.  I can't ever imagine going back to what I used to be.

A peek inside my diary

Community blogger Muriel Watson writes: Starting weight-326.0   Current Weight- 255.5 ... Someone asked me what exactly my food journal looked like so I decided to let you know what I record in my journal. 

A sobering new perspective on diet

Community blogger Alan Foster writes: Beginning weight: 225 Current weight: 205

Well, a week of not worrying about weight loss hasn’t produced any results one way or the other. The scale hasn’t shifted up or down. I have exercised a bit more than normal but I haven’t splurged on any high-calorie meals except for one night of wings and fries with some dear friends. The very next day, the same dear friends became faced with a critical health issue the likes of which really made me stop and consider my health and that of my family. I suppose good health is something we all take for granted until it goes away. It’s no secret that our diet can play a key role in our health or lack thereof. I suppose I’ve always wanted to watch my weight not so much for health reasons, but mostly for appearance reasons. In observing the ordeal my friends are enduring, I’m looking at health with a new perspective. I have a renewed sense of responsibility to maintain my health and will encourage my family to do the same. Obviously, misfortune can creep into anyone’s health regardless of diet, as in the case of my friends. However, to ignore the potential consequences of ignoring one’s diet not only could impact me but also impact loved ones. Here’s to health and here’s to Jacob and Jonathan.

Success is so sweet

Community blogger Muriel Watson writes: Starting weight-326.0, Current weight 260.0.
I was worried with how it would go for my weigh in considering the fact that I had (store) inventory.  I work crazy hours during inventory, which makes it difficult to get to the gym those two days.  I was, however, still able to make it to the gym every day.  I must say I do love working out every day.  Never thought I would say that!  I feel so good afterwards and I have so much energy now.
I have to say how much I appreciate my friends and coworkers.  They have been there to support me through it all.  Teresa and Dana, among so many others,  are the best!  Teresa continues to go to the gym with me on a regular basis.  Dana is always there to talk me through my difficult times.  I have learned that our true friends can really make a difference in whether or not you fail or succeed  in life's ventures!
 I have lost another 4 pounds this week, which means  I have now reached 42 pounds at Medi-Clinic  It feels great! I love this whole transformation of my body but I must say I have a hard time seeing the changes that every one else seems to see.  I get a lot of compliments now and have a hard time believing them.  I know they mean well, but self esteem is not something I am very good at.  I am still working through these issues and know that it will take time to heal.
I will be going back to Medi-Clinic Monday to get my midweek injections and then to the gym after.  Working hard towards the best results and excited to see less of me tommorrow.