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Being honest with myself about weight loss

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Alan Foster writes: The question was recently asked would I be trying to lose weight if I wasn’t committed to writing this year-long blog. It would seem the answer should be a simple yes or no. However, if I were honest with myself, the answer would be yes and no.

I believe I will always be conscious of my weight and therefore almost always try to eat healthy and stay active. So in that regard, the answer would be yes. However, there are many family special occasions, holidays, and vacations when I like to enjoy a good meal without concern for portion size, calories, fat content, second helpings, etc. So, if it wasn’t for my public commitment to lose weight, I probably wouldn’t be trying so hard.

The good thing about this commitment is that it is for one full year. It’s my hope that this conscious effort to lose weight and remain accountable to this public blog will convert to a less-than-conscious habit to be mindful of what and how much I eat despite the occasion. Today, my conscious motivation to stick with this is I’m down only 15 pounds since January and I’m publicly committed to at least another 15 pounds by December for a final weight of 195 or less.

I’d still be trying if there was no public commitment, but I wouldn’t think twice about a second helping of my wife’s homemade macaroni & cheese – using the big spoon. Thanks for helping me think twice.

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