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Motivation and success

Muriel Watson writes: I am very happy to say that last week was much better than the rest!

A detour and a fresh path

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: I started working out this week and was disheartened to discover I gained back 10 pounds. I did slack off a bit so I was not that surprised and I am dealing with a huge family situation right now so the stress of it has impacted my goals. I am still striving forward though.

A fried-food fast

Alan Foster writes: Except for a little fried rice and an egg roll, I made it through an entire week without any fried foods.  It really wasn’t that difficult.  Also last week, I read “The 17 Day Diet” by Dr. Mike Moreno.  I’m not one to follow a prescribed diet, but this weight loss plan looks very easy, especially for those who don’t like diets.  In fact, I agree with Dr. Moreno’s statement, “You can do anything for 17 days.”  The book presents clear and convincing evidence on the benefit of drinking lots of water and highly supports the benefit of green tea.  This week, I’m going to stick to as much of the 17 Day Diet as possible.  I’ve stocked up on green tea.  I’m starting the plan with a current weight of 215 and shooting for another 5 pounds gone by April 20.  Tea time!

Losing inches, gaining strength

Muriel Watson writes: I haven't lost any weight this week, but I have lost 2 inches. For the first time in a long time, I didn't have to go to some plus size store to buy new pants.

Success and a new challenge to myself

Alan Foster writes: For all but two meals, I made it through a week of only eating what was already in my house pantry or refrigerator. It actually wasn’t too bad. It might be a while before I eat another can of soup but I did manage to lose another 2 pounds this week and I figure I saved about $30 to $40 in lunch money.

This week, my goal is to go the entire week without any fried food. This shouldn’t be too difficult as long as my wife doesn’t cook bacon. That’s a usual Sunday morning aroma I doubt I can resist. But Sunday is a new week…

Changing things up

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: It is cold in my house today. I am practicing at keeping the heat very low, around 65 and it is interesting getting used to the temperature change. I am doing a short fast each month to keep my system cleansed and to stay focused on my goals. I must admit, I still have not gone to the gym yet. I am traveling so much now that I put it to the back burner a lot of the time and it should be at the forefront of my mind.

Family issues keep derailing my progress, I am slogging along day by day. I find strength when I am with my children as they smile and laugh and seem to stay above the swirling turmoil. I have been eating many more smoothies and soups. I had been consuming salads at almost every meal so I wanted to change to something different.

On my own: Can I avoid fast-food temptation?

Alan Foster writes:

My family was spread out this weekend and I had to fend for myself for several meals. Typically, I'd get take-out, but, this time I resisted.

Looking in our pantry, it occurred to me there was enough food in there to feed a small army - for a while.

I made a commitment this week to no take-out, no fast food, not even a trip to the grocery store. For one week, I'll have meals only from what's already in our pantry or freezer.

This could get interesting.

Redefining myself

Tahira.0320Tahira Nyabinghi writes:

Defining myself, who am I? Really?

Cut myself off from my reality for a short time to focus on me, allowed another to show me kindness, safety and comfort. Released my independence for a moment to develop a vision of what it is truly like to receive without strings, barriers, expectations.

It has been surreal, awakening, enchanting. I awoke to feel like a newborn, itching to spread my wings but scared to death at what would happen when I jump from the nest. Knowing internally that I must take a deep breath and a leap of faith in order to regain the woman I am.

Still struggling

Muriel Watson writes:  I have not been able to go to the gym but four times since my last blog entry.  I am so disappointed with my efforts to stay focused on this journey.

I'm a loser!

Alan Foster writes: I had a pleasant surprise this morning. After, deliberately not getting on the scales for some time, I found this morning that I’m 6 pounds lighter than when we started this in January. I had hoped for more by now, but I’ll take it. I was around 225 when we started; today, 219.

With regard to weighing, I would appreciate some feedback on how best to assess accurate body weight. For example, does time of day matter? How accurate are digital scales verses the old type? Should the scales be placed on a hard floor instead of carpet? Should one go to the potty before weighing (can’t believe I’m nearly 50 yrs old and still saying potty)? That’s all probably more than I’ll worry about, but I hope my 6-pound loss wasn’t due to just the scales being in a different place or even worse, an empty bladder.

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