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Two game-day thoughts

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Two thoughts on the afternoon of Game 5:

1. I neglected to mention in today's column that not only did Tuomo Ruutu lay out Colin White with 90 seconds (and change) to go in Game 4, but he plastered White only a few feet away in the corner on his second shift with the Hurricanes, not long before Patrik Elias carved Ruutu a new nose.

For a trip down memory lane, click here.

And I would be negligent if I didn't mention that Ruutu won the "Good Guy Award" for media cooperation from the Carolina chapter of the PHWA this season.

2. Newark Star-Ledger columnist Steve Politi, who covered the Hurricanes for the N&O during the 1997-98 season, wrote today about Martin Brodeur's (calculated?) tantrum at the end of Game 5.

"I still believe if I get position, regardless if it's blue ice or white ice or whatever they call it, they shouldn't be able to touch me," Brodeur said. "Looking at it, I don't think you could call a penalty, but there is a rule about incidental contact outside your crease. There's a whistle and the play is stopped dead."

On this point, Brodeur is wrong. The contact with Jokinen was incidental, which is allowed under the rules. In fact, looking at the replays, you could make the case that Brodeur initiated it looking to draw a penalty.

The referees were right to ignore the contact and allow the goal, but Brodeur had every right to be angry, too, for a different reason. How was Jokinen, with just seconds remaining before this game went into overtime, left so alone in front of the net in the first place?

The same scenario unfolded three years ago against the same team. Eric Staal, untouched in front, scored with three seconds left in Game 2 to send the game into overtime. The Hurricanes won the game, the first-round series, and eventually, the Stanley Cup.


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Man, if the refs start

Man, if the refs start calling that stuff the next thing you know Brodeur will be out between the circles looking for calls. I respect him immensely, but he's wrong in this case. The Devils broadcasters need a reality check too. They're as used to getting favorable interference treatment as Brodeur is. Their call of the play was absurd.

shock and awe

Must have been the shock of losing the game with .02 seconds to go, or the awe of the noise level in the RBC. There was no penalty, he was just mad about losing the game at the wire. I agree that he is playing games. The Canes need to make his life more miserable in the crease tonight and really get him off his game.

Swaying Refs

This is all a ploy to influence the way game 5 is going to be officiated. After watching the replay and knowing Marty's tendencies toward diving I tough time hearing from anyone the contact was incidental/accidental. He drew the contact. If a couple of calls go their way for goaltender interference or Cam gets run over with a no call, then Marty's tirade was placed perfectly. We'll see how much sway he really has, hopefully the ref's clear it from their minds.

Great point about Brodeur initiating the contact

He is famous for this in the playoffs. He initiates contact, flops around like he's been shot, and cries to the refs. Brodeur is a great goalie, he doesn't need to resort to these kind of tactics.

Looking forward to the game tonight....Go Canes!!!!

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