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Hurricanes' 'O' benchmark for 'K'

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Normally, the Carolina Hurricanes would be elated to hear Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski mention them during his postgame press conference. A free plug from Coach K can't hurt, right?

But when Krzyzewski was comparing his team's inability to score early against N.C. State on Tuesday — in what turned out to be a 73-56 Duke win — to the Hurricanes' perpetual scoring woes, it does test that theory about any publicity being good publicity.

"We started out the game like gangbusters," Krzyzewski said. "I thought our kids really came ready to play, but we didn't convert. It was like the Hurricanes game. The puck was in front of the opponent's goal for about four minutes and it was 1-0. You know, instead of being like 4-0. For us, I thought we were doing enough to be up like 16-1, 15-1. All of a sudden, it's 8-1 and 16-12, and they got their rhythm." 

Even during the Hurricanes' two-game winning streak, they have scored a total of four goals. Then again, Kryzyewski would be the first to agree that defense has to come first.

Still, it's an interesting moment in the sports history of the Triangle, when a college basketball icon is using hockey analogies. What's next? Roy Williams talking about the power play?


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Maybe if Luke can explain to

Maybe if Luke can explain to Coach K that, unlike basketball, ice hockey has a goalie guarding the net, he'll better understand the difficulties in scoring.

Free Speech ?

i had to laugh at this Luke. But seeing there are more people who are willing to listen to Coach K than me, I'll just take it with a grain of salt and keep on Cheering for the lady huskers, and deacs !

Go canes !

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