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Cell-phone ban? Bogus.

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Wolfpack fans, Moore County Boy Scouts, a Cary insurance agent and a few zillion other folks have spread baloney on their blogs about a sweeping cell-phone ban for drivers in North Carolina.

The rumor: It's a new North Carolina law set to take effect July 1.

The truth:  False. Nothing like this has been passed in North Carolina.

Cell-phoning in the car is a popular pastime — and clearly dangerous. Our legislature is not about to ban it.

So how does bogus stuff like this -- and this -- and this -- and this -- get started? How does it keep spreading? 

It's easy to cut and paste, and maybe it's easy to believe.  'Scuse me for sounding like old-fashioned, mainstream media, but why circulate it without checking first to see whether it is accurate?

This rumor was debunked weeks ago by the Fayetteville Observer, the Winston-Salem Journal and the Lenoir News-Topic and other newspapers, and by a bunch of TV stations.  It has been denied by the State Highway Patrol and by staffers at the General Assembly.

Checking stuff like this is almost as easy as republishing it.  In this case, the blog posts refer to statute numbers VC 23123 and VC 23124.  Ask Google about them and Google gives you a lot of California hits.

California.  That's where this law has been enacted. 

Some mischievous person deliberately changed information about California to say North Carolina.  As the cheese-shop clerk says in a Monty Python sketch: "Sorry, sir. I've been deliberately wasting your time."



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I agree with those who hold

I agree with those who hold that this ban is not a good policy. It's such a nonsense decision of the authority and must be lifted soon.

I don't believe that banning

I don't believe that banning can be very efficient way of solving problems. The more you ban the more it is used.



I think it is dangerious and

I think it is dangerious and distracting to use a cell phone,they should be turned off in a vehicle and not be used on the job,productivity is affected by employees texting and chatting with their neighbors and friends when they are being paid to work,use them at break,lunch or before and after work.It is nice to have a cell phone in an emergency,but pull over when you use it not while driving.


We might as well face it:

We might as well face it: everyone has a cellphone these days. You can’t go anywhere in the United States without running into people carrying cellphones. They’re in the grocery store, they’re in line behind you at the ticket office, they’re in traffic next to you gabbing happily away. How is it that everyone in the country seems able to afford such costly cellphones with loads of cool features and still pay for their monthly plans? Twenty years ago, cellphones were a luxury that only the very wealthy could afford to own. Today, if you don’t have a cellphone then you’re treated as if you’re living in the Dark Ages. You’re out-of-touch, behind the times, technologically impaired – and all because you don’t have a cellphone. But how are you supposed to purchase a cellphone with all those extras like ringtones, camera-capability, graphics, games, and fun accessories? After all, no one is made of money, and new, upgraded phones are coming out every single day. But worry no more! Cheap Cellphones are now available at, so now everyone can try to keep up with the Joneses.

Now a situation one can not

Now a situation one can not live without mobile but i can' understand Cell-phone ban................

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I was searching for cell

I was searching for cell phone bans in google and I have found your website. I didn't know that some time ago there were thoughts about such a law which restricts using cell phones in the car. But I would agitate for this law. It is getting funny when I'm driving on the road and see some people talking with their cell phones while driving and causing dangerous situations there. This thing should be banned for sure. We are causing danger by ourselves and we must do something about it until it is not late to do so. It is just my opinion so sorry if you don't agree with me.
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I think this cell phone ban

I think this cell phone ban won't last forever, hope they already anticipating these

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Cell phone ban

I work for a cellular company and we were informed that the ban went into effect on July 1, 2008 as well. We did google this also and we have a country list and state list listing nc with the ban in effect as July 1, 2008. Can anyone explain this?

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