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Thanks for visiting the Clear Weather blog. It has moved to a new location at Click the link to read the latest posts.

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A quick checkup on this year’s rainfall

This year has seemed pretty unusual, right? The winter held on a little longer, the spring stayed cool and wet, and really only had a couple of hot weeks scattered through the summer months. Follow all that with the last week’s worth of cool, cloudy, wet weather, and it seems like we ought to be breaking records in the rainfall category.

Karen will bring rain to Raleigh

There’s a bit of buzz about our hurricane season today. We finally have a storm that is expected to hit the mainland. How and when will it effect us?

Anniversary of Floyd reminds us of our own record flooding

Humberto has come back to life as a tropical storm over warmer waters out in the center of the Atlantic, and he’s still only a threat to shipping lanes. At the same time, our attention is on the horrible flooding in Colorado and all the damage there. Today is an anniversary of sorts for eastern North Carolina that is relatable to both weather stories in the news today: on this day in 1999, Hurricane Floyd hit NC.

Gabrielle and Humberto continue the trend

For those of us on land, it’s been a pretty quiet hurricane season, and yet, we’re about where we should be as far as storm names during an average season.

Just how much should you trust the Farmers' Almanac?

I’ve written before about how long-range forecasts are made by the National Climatic Data Center. I’ve written about how it can be hard to trust a 90 day seasonal forecast and even how a seven day forecast can leave you questioning why it panned out so differently. So, when the national headlines scream that the Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a frigid winter here or there, it should be no surprise, that I really don’t trust that not-so-scientific prognostication.

What are the AMS and NWA seals?

Occasionally, I am asked if a meteorologist has to have some sort of certification in order to “practice weather.”

Temperatures are cooler than normal, but are they record breaking?

Even I had a hard time believing the forecast for the next five days. Highs near 80 degrees in August – in Raleigh? Really? Even though just last week, I made the point that we need peaks and valleys to create an average, this little valley we’re experiencing seems too good to be true.

Our cooler temperatures aren’t so weird

I get the question a lot: this year has been so weird, hasn’t it? My answer is usually “not so much.” Here’s why.

The Perseid meteor shower has started

Every year, the earth passes through the debris stream of the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. During the passage, we experience the Perseid meteor shower.

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