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Last chance to enter: Win a 13-week Sunday subscription to The N&O

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If you're a coupon clipper, the Sunday newspaper can be a gold mine.

Even with all the growth in Internet-print and digital coupons, Sunday newspapers nationwide remain the source of nearly 90 percent of all coupons.

And here in the Triangle, that source is the print edition of the Sunday N&O.

So how would you like to win a free Sunday subscription to The News & Observer?

I've got one 13-week Sunday home-delivery subsciption to give away to one blog reader. If you already subscribe to the print edition, we'll extend your subscription by 13 weeks.

That's 13 weeks of free coupons.

To enter, please leave one comment or question below by midnight Tuesday, June 19. I'll pick the winner using random.org.


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Would love to win this and

Would love to win this and subscribe again to N&O

free subscripton

Would love to win one!  Budget friendly for sure!


I get 3 Sunday papers a week delivered to the door.  I would love to get the first one free!  I was curious how you decide which printable coupons to print.  I feel like half the time I print them out at the beginning of the month and don't use them which wastes ink and paper, but if I wait until there is a good match up a lot of the time the coupons are already gone when I go to print them.  How do you suggest balancing between the two extremes?


13week subscription

I love your blogs! I would love to get a free subscription to News and Observer! Please!

13 wk sunday subscription

I have been a N&O subscriber for over 3 yrs, but just learned about your blogs and the centsible saver. I have become a big fan of yours and follow your tweets on a daily basis. My subscription is going to expire soon and yes, the free 13 week sunday paper will be great, I love the Work and Money section and of course all the coupons and sale papers...Thanks so much for all the money saving tips.

13 weeks of the N&O!

I really enjoyed the coupon class!  I am really excited to see just how much I can save! 13 free Sunday papers sure would be a great start!

N&O Sunday Paper is great

I would love to win the N&O Sunday paper because it is great for coupons, sales ads, getting to know what is happening in the area for the next week.

Coupon Class

My Dad just retired this week and I am hoping I can get him interested in couponing as a hobby!!!  This would be a great start.  

Amy's N&O Giveaway

Thank you Amy for all of your great information!  My N&O subscription is ending, so the giveaway would be great!

I need this :)!!!

Great informative class yesterday all I need is this free subscription to make it perfect

Class Today!

Great class today!! Would love a 13 week subscription added to my current one!

Class Today and 13 weeks free N & O!

Appreciate all the tips, handouts and giveaways! Would love 13 weeks of free N & O. Happy Saving Everyone! I am adding the free apps. to my iphone. Thank You

13 weeks N&O

I just took your coupon class and would love to win 13 weeks of N&O!!

13 wks free N&O

That is a great deal.  Thanks so much!!

July 4th

Amy this is a great promotion.


Also, I was wondering what the coupon situation is for the 4th of July since it falls in the middle of the week.  Will the two Sundays around it both have coupons or will one not?

Thanks!  Love your work.


N&O give away

I'd love 13 weeks of Sunday N&O

13 week Sunday papers


You are the best. You have so many creative ideas. I am a 3 year subscriber to N&O and would love the bonus. Lately I've been recycling my papers at GCF (or GFC). They use them for wrapping. My subscription gets a lot of use. Thanks for the opportunity!


Thx, Amy.  Could always use more coupons!


I love the Sunday paper.


I would love to win something, especially free coupons with free papers.


about to run out so this would be perfect timing! Thanks for the opportunity!

It isn't Sunday without the N&O PLUS COUPONS!!!

Thanks for the contest and thanks for all you do!!!


Can't live without the Sunday paper and coupons!


I would love to get these coupons for 13 weeks added  to my subscription.

would love this

Ok, I'd like to enter this, thank you!

My comment is that I used to just buy the same cheap stuff over and over to save money and am really loving with coupons the new foods I can buy - organic salad fixings, even Starbucks coffee, etc, etc, etc, - nothing I could have afforded before I got into this :)  it's fun!


I would love to win this giveaway!

Great contest!

I'd love to win!

13 weeks

Wow!   13 weeks will result in hundreds of coupons !  What a great prize.

Sunday Paper Giveaway

I Love Coupons!

Coupons are a shoppers BFF!

Great giveaway! 

What a great prize!  Thanks!

What a great prize!  Thanks!


Coupons save us money every grocery day!




I love coupons and would love to win!

Sunday Morning

Its a ritual in our house to go through the Sunday paper and clip the coupons we'll need for the week. having a 13 week subscription would make this even more enjoyable.

Subscription Extension Terrific Idea

The Sunday edition is the best.  Coupons are terrific and ads help plan the shopping for the coming week.  Wonderful idea!!

13 weeks

I use coupons and would love to win.

More N&O!

I would love to have our subscription extended. I love reading the Sunday paper and the Target ad and the coupons are my favorites!

More Papers Please

Winning the extra Sunday edition would save me an extra trip to the drugstore every Sunday!  Whenever coupons are part of the Sunday edition, I always buy extras at Walgreens!

Free N$O

I would love an extra 13 weeks.  I look forward to the ads, coupons, and Arts and Leisure!




I always look forward to the coupons in the Sunday paper!


My husband and I have been working really hard to save money! Winning 13-weeks of free coupons would be awesome!

Sunday paper and coffee on the porch!

I look forward to the Work & Money and Arts & Leisure section of the N & O every Sunday.  Oh ..... and the coupons too!  :)

Love my sunday paper

It would be an even extra bonus to win. You can't beat free coupons.

I love my Sunday N&O!  It

I love my Sunday N&O!  It is so relaxing to enjoy it with a hot cup of coffee in my pj's.  I look forward to cutting the coupons and looking through the sale papers!

Me too!

Ditto! I love the Sunday paper so much, I get two of them. :-)

I enjoy so much going thru

I enjoy so much going thru the paper with my cup of coffee and then most especially clipping coupons on Sunday!

Coupon Database

Thank you so much for your coupon database.  It is an amazing resource!

N & O

I love flipping thru the pages of the paper each day!

free n and o

coupons are my hobby and a big and constant part of my life.


A double play -- free coupons to earn free (and cheap) groceries. Thanks!

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