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Wednesday deals (Feb. 8-14)

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The big grocery news this week, of course, is the surprise announcement by Lowes Foods that it would offer its first ever Super Doubles promotion. Click here to read and print my good deals list. There are lots of freebies and other good deals under $1.

Keep reading this post for the very best deals at Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Aldi, along with other Lowes Foods bargains that don't require Super Double coupons.

This week, I especially like the $2.97 per gallon milk at Harris Teeter and the $10 per dozen roses and $1.39 per pound strawberries, both at Aldi.

I've also attached Sunday's Kroger deals to the bottom of the list to make comparison shopping easier for you.

Happy bargain hunting, and please post if you find a good deal while you're out and about so we can all save more.

At Harris Teeter:

E-vic specials:

*Starbucks coffee (11-12 oz.): $6.99
$1/1 (1/15 Smart Source)
= $5.99. Limit 2.

*Whitman's chocolate samplers: $4.77. Limit 2.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables: BOGO or $1.19 each
.50/1 Chef's Favorites varieties
= 19 cents, if Chef's Favorites included in sale. (Not clear on Express Lane.)

Activia or Light and Fit yogurt (4 packs): $2
$1/1 Activia (1/15 Smart Source)
.40/1 Light and Fit (1/29 Smart Source)

= as low as $1. Lowes Foods has the better deal at Super Doubles.

Northland Cranberry Juice (64 oz.): Buy 2, Get 3 Free. (Regular price: $4.35)
$1/2 printable coupon
= $1.54 each. Must buy all 5 to get deal.

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $5.99
$1/1 printable coupon
= $4.99.

Deals without coupons:

Milk: $2.97 per gallon! Under three bucks so a great deal, though Kroger has this beat by 9 cents.

Whole chicken fryers: 77 cents per pound.

Strawberries: BOGO or $2.49 per pound. Aldi has the much better deal.

15-stem roses: $19.99. Aldi has a better deal.

Pepito tortillas: BOGO or .94 to $1.64 each.

Pepperidge Farm Wide-Pan breads: BOGO or $1.99 each.

Thomas English Muffins: BOGO or $1.99. (includes healthier varieties!)

Store-brand sherbet (32 oz.): $2.

Store-brand ice cream sandwiches: BOGO or $2.19. A good deal AND built-in portion control.

At Lowes Foods:

Of course the big news at Lowes Foods this week is Super Doubles. Click here to read the complete list of excellent deals you can score using $1+ coupons.

Please note these additional special deals:

1. There's a new set of 3-week coupons in the circular. Have your cashier type in the coupon code and keep the sheet of coupons to use through Feb. 28.

2. Buy a $25 iTunes gift card, Get a coupon for $5 off your next shopping order. Use it at Lowes Foods or take it to Harris Teeter, which accepts competitor coupons like these.

Store-brand frozen waffles: $1.69 with in-ad coupon.

Green Giant boxed vegetables: $1
.60/3 (1/8 General Mills)
= 60 cents each. A very good price!

Pepperidge Farms layer cakes: BOGO or $2.40 each
.50/1 (2/5 Smart Source)
= $1.40 each. Another very good price.

McCain's potatoes: $2
$1/1 SavingStar credit on Sweet Potato Fries AND on Purely Potatoes
= $1. Yet another good price. But remember, you won't see the savings on your receipt.

Eggland's Best large Grade A eggs: $1.99
.35/1 (1/29 Smart Source)
= $1.29. A super price on these.

Betty Crocker cake mix: $1.25
Betty Crocker frosting: $1.50
.75/2 (one of each) (1/22 Smart Source)
= 63 cents each. Another good price.

Campbell's tomato or chicken noodle soup: 60 cents.
.40/4 (1/8 Smart Source 2)
= 40 cents each when you buy 4. A terrific price considering these now sell for 99 cents each.

Handi-Snack puddings (4 pack): 2/$1 with in-ad coupon.

Store-brand toaster pastries: $1 with in-ad coupon. (An affordable alternative for Pop Tarts)

Betty Crocker fruit snacks: $2.50
Save $4 when you buy 4 with in-ad coupon
.50/2 (1/8 or 2/5 General Mills inserts)
= $1 each. A decent price.

Hallmark Valentine greeting cards: Buy 2, Get 1 Free with in-ad coupon.

Deals without coupons:

Pink Lady apples: 98 cents per pound. A very good deal!

Strawberries: BOGO or $2.50 per pound. Aldi has a far better deal.

Raspberries: BOGO or $2 for 6 oz. package.

Russet baking potatoes: 68 cents per pound.

Split chicken breasts: 99 cents per pound.

Pizzazz 2 liter soft drinks: 88 cents.

Pizzazz 12 packs soft drinks: $2.50.

At Food Lion:

Note these special deals:

1. Be sure to scan your loyalty card at the in-store kiosk to get a $5/$40 purchase coupon. Use it at Food Lion or take it to Lowes Foods or Harris Teeter. Both take competitors' coupons like these!

2. Buy a $25 gift card to select merchants,  including iTunes, Regal, Lowes Home Improvement, Marriott, and Bass Pro Shops, and get a coupon for $5 off your next shopping trip. Another opportunity to use at Food Lion or elsewhere.

Progresso Soups: BOGO
$1/4 (1/8 and 2/5 General Mills)

Frank's Red Hot Sauce (12 oz.): $1.50
.75/1 (1/22 Smart Source)
= 75 cents.

Knorr/Lipton rice or pasta sides: $1
.50/2 (1/29 Red Plum 1)
= 75 cents each.

Hunt's canned tomatoes (14.5 oz.): $1
.45/3 (1/22 Smart Source)
= 85 cents each.

Coffee-Mate creamers: 3/$5
$1.85/2 printable coupon
= $1.05 each. A good price, though Lowes Foods has them cheaper during Super Doubles.

Dannon Light and Fit yogurt: $1.99
.40/1 (1/29 Smart Source)
= $1.59. A decent price.

Tropicana and Trop50 orange juice: $2.88
$1/2 SavingStar credit (expires today, Feb. 8)
= $2.38 each.

Cottonelle Ultra or Scott Extra Soft toilet paper (12 rolls) or Scott paper towels: $6.99
$1/1 coupon from in-store kiosk
$1/1 Extra Soft Scott (1/15 Smart Source)
$1/1 Scott paper towels (1/15 Smart Source)
.50/1 Cottonelle (1/15 Smart Source)
= as low as $4.99. A good price.

Deals without coupons:


Russet potatoes: 79 cents per pound.

Strawberries: $1.88 per pound. A decent price, though Aldi has them cheaper.

Deli Canadian Maple or Black Forest ham: $3.99 per pound. A good price for deli meat.

Deli Swiss cheese: $3.99 per pound.

Chicken breasts: $1.99 per pound.

Shank portion ham: 99 cents per pound.

Extra Jumbo shrimp (16 oz.): BOGO.

Blue Bunny, Turkey Hill and Pet Ice cream: BOGO

Coke 6-pack bottles: $2.50 each. A decent price.

White House applesauce cups (6 pack): $1.66 each.

Store-brand pasta (16 oz.): 99 cents.

Store-brand sour cream (16 oz.): $1.57. A good price.

Store-brand fruit bowls (4 pack): $1.79.

Store-brand grated Parmesan cheese: $2.61. A very good price.

At Aldi:

Bananas: 44 cents per pound.

Blueberries: $1.49 per pint.

Strawberries: $1.39 for 16 oz. package. A terrific price!

Tomatoes: 99 cents for 24 oz. package.

Multi-colored peppers: $1.89 for 3.

Artisan lettuce: $1.19 per package.

Non-fat and low-fat yogurt (6 oz.): 39 cents.

Greek yogurt (6 oz.): 89 cents.

And some Valentine's specials:

Three-stem rose bouquet: $2.99.

Twelve-stem rose bouquet: $9.99!

Triple Chocolate Creme Cake (20 oz.): $2.99.

Chocolate cheesecake sampler (50 oz.): $9.99

At Kroger:

Knorr/Lipton pasta or rice sides: $1
.50/2 (1/29 Red Plum 1)
= 50 cents each. A good price.

Zatarain's Rice or Pasta: $1
.50/3 (2/5 Red Plum)
= 66 cents.

Ball Park Franks (except beef): BOGO for $4.99
$1/2 printable coupon
= $2 each.

Kraft and Sargento shredded cheese: 2/$5
.55/2 Kraft (1/15 Smart Source)
.50/2 Kraft printable coupon
.40/2 Sargento (1/22 Smart Source)

= as low as $2 each. Only a so-so sale.

Buy 10, Get 5 more free promotion: The circular shows various drink products, including Powerade, Fuze, SmartWater and Full Throttle. Final price after five free: 67 cents each.

Prescription promo: Transfer a prescription and get $25 in free groceries. Credit is loaded onto your loyalty card.

Hallmark promo: Buy 3 cards, get $1.50 off your total order.

Deals without coupons:

Milk: $2.88 per gallon! A fabulous price.

Red seedless grapes: 99 cents per pound. A terrific price.

Roma tomatoes: 79 cents per pound. Another good price.

Anjou or Bosc pears: 99 cents per pound.

Tyson boneless skinless chicken breasts: $1.99 per pound.

Boneless pork loin: $1.99 per pound.

Ground chuck: $2.49 per pound.

Aberdeen Farms bacon (16 oz.): $1.77. A very good price on bacon.

Pepsi 6-packs: $2.50.

Kroger fruit snacks (6 count): $1.

Kroger pasta: $1.


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Food Lion $25 gift card promo

Just an FYI - I tried buying a Home Depot gift card and it did not generate the $5 Food Lion coupon. The store staff was unclear as to which gift cards are participating. They offered to call me once they hear back from the powers that be.

Hoping things work out for

Hoping things work out for you, though Home Depot was not one of the cards listed in the circular.

Was there signage in the store including HD? If so, the manager should have handled it on the spot.

None of the staff was aware

None of the staff was aware of the sale at all. All they had to go on was the illustration in the flyer. IIRC it was phrased as "participating" companies but did not actually list them.

I was optimistically hoping Home Depot would be "participating".

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