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Super Doubles possible at Harris Teeter!

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The word on the street in couponland is that Harris Teeter will offer a Super Doubles coupon event starting Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Folks on the national coupon blogs are buzzing about it so I wanted to give all of you the big heads up. With cold rainy weather this weekend, what better pastime than clipping and organizing coupons, right?

At this point, Super Doubles is still speculation based on conversations with store managers. Nothing is certain until someone has actually laid eyes on the circular. But why not be prepared?

If you're new to couponing, Super Doubles is when Harris Teeter will double the face value of coupons up to $1.98. So, a $1.50 coupon is worth $3. A $1 coupon is worth $2. However, a $2 coupon is still worth just $2.

You're limited to 20 Super Double coupons per day.

I'll keep you up to date and if it does end up to be true, I will be posting a deals list specifically tailored to the coupons we get here in the Triangle, which are not always the same as those mentioned nationally.


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Was just there....

I just came from Harris Teeter and one of the employee's said that Wednesday was the Triple Double Day....I wasn't sure what he meant. Is that Triple coupons or Super Doubles... Either way, I'm organizing!

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