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Special promotion at Harris Teeter: Cereal for as little as 3 cents per box

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On top of Super Doubles at Triangle-area stores, Harris Teeter is offering a generous promotion on General Mills products.

Shoppers will have $3.50 automatically deducted from their total at the register when they purchase six participating items.

Under one scenario I came up with, you'll end up paying as little as 3 cents per item.

Among the qualifying products:

Cereals for $2.50 each, Toaster Strudel for $2 each, Betty Crocker fruit snacks for $1.50 each, Progresso soups for $1.97, Betty Crocker traditional brownie mix for $1.25. Check your Harris Teeter email for a complete list.

Follow this scenario to pay just 3 cents each for six boxes of cereal:

Buy 2 Fiber One cereals, 2 Golden Grahams and 2 Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch
Use two .75/1 coupons for the Fiber One, two .85/1 coupons for the Golden Grahams and two .85/1 coupons on the Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch

(All these coupons are printables available on BettyCrocker.com, Pillsbury.com and the N&O's Find N Save.)

Six cereals = $15
After coupons = $5.20
After $3.50 reward = $1.70
After 75-cent SavingStar.com credit for Medley Crunch = 95 cents
After 75-cent Harris Teeter digital coupon = 20 cents or 3 cents per box.

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