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Rebate offered on Pam cooking spray

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The folks who make the cooking spray Pam are offering you a chance to try their new and improved spray for free.

According to the Pam website, the company will refund the cost of your can of "new and improved formula" Pam (up to $4) if you aren't convinced it's "better than the bargain brand."

Click here to go to the website and download your rebate form.

You must mail the form along with a cash register receipt showing you made your  purchase between Oct. 1, 2011 and April 27, 2012.

If you prefer Pam over the off-brand, I recommend mailing in your rebate form with a hand-written note complimenting the product but telling them you'd still like to participate in the rebate.

I've done this numerous times before and always received my rebates.

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