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Pizza night on the cheap

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We love pizza at our house so pizza night is pretty much a weekly tradition.

Over the years, we've tried all the nearby pizza places, using coupons to get the best deal. And we always opt for carry-out rather than delivery to save a little more.

It has been a relatively cheap thrill and a night off for the cook.

But last week, when one large and one medium pizza wound up costing almost $13 and it wasn't even all that good, I decided it was time to go to Plan B.

This week, instead of my husband picking up the pizza, I picked up two rounds of pizza dough from the refrigerated section at Trader Joe's, brought them home, rolled them out, topped them with sauce, shredded cheese and black olives. I had them both in the oven in less than 10 minutes.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Pizza dough: $1.09 each.

Sauce: free with a Super Double deal at Harris Teeeter.

Shredded cheese: I'm estimating $1 for a package and half of Kraft shredded cheese purchased on sale with coupons.

Black olives (half a can): 50 cents at Aldi.

Total for two pizzas: $3.68. That's approximately $9 in savings every time we eat pizza.

Nine bucks doesn't sound like much until you do the math: $468 in savings for the year.

I think we've got a new tradition.

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