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Last chance: Enter to win an Attractions coupon book

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Here's a quick giveaway to kick off the holiday weekend early: I've got two Attractions coupon books to give away. I'll pick two winners at random and send one to each.

Leave me a comment about your weekend plans (frugal or not) and you'll be entered to win.

These are 2012 books, by the way, but they still have a lot of frugal life left in them. All the coupons in the book are good through Dec. 31.

There are coupons for all sorts of restaurants and ice cream places, including Char Grill, Jersey Mike's, Cold Stone and Rita's.

There are also coupons for retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Dick's Sporting Goods, A.C. Moore and Ace Hardware.

One of my favorite coupons in the book is the CVS prescription coupon for a free $25 gift card. That coupon is a rarity these days because you may use it on a new prescription as well as a transfer. We've also used the BOGO Jersey Mike's and Goodberry's coupons, both of which are pretty rare.

Just a reminder, the Attractions books, which normally sell for $25, are available to N&O subscribers for $12.50 through the N&O ZONE, which is our rewards program for subscribers. But Friday, Aug. 31, is the last day you can order them.

After that, you'll have to wait for the 2013 books, which won't be available until later this year.

This giveaway will close at midnight Monday, Sept. 3. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.


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Time playing games with the family.

Attractions Book

Watching some old vhs tapes before parting with them :-) 

2012 Coupon Book Give Away

Catching up on all my coupon clipping over this long weekend!

Weekend Plans

We went to the NC Zoo, cooked out with neighbors and hit up the pool this long weekend!

Attractions Book Giveaway

Taking advantage of a 50% off coupon at Boston Market instead of cooking for Labor Day.

Coupon Book

Filling out college applications with our son!

We went to the food truck

We went to the food truck rodeo at the Durham Farmer's Market--so yummy!

Labor day

I'm going to the NC zoo!

Gone With the Wind

Today is our family cook-out. Yesterday we took in the "Gone With the Wind "exhibit at the Museum of History. Very well done !

Labor Day

Spent time with family - grilled out - took our 9 month old to visit grandparents. Fun weekend!

Coupon books

I cleaned my kitchen pantry and bought me a new microwave and had the family over for dinner on Sunday night--Would love one of these books

Attractions Coupon book giveaway

Spend time with my son who is home from college. Cook a big meal on Sunday!

Weekend Plans

Hanging out with my family. 

Labor Day Weekend

Relaxing with cup of coffee and reading the N&O is nice start. Getting together with family throughout the weekend is most enjoyable.


We went to the ECU football game yesterday and plan on going for a long walk fishing today. : )

Labor Day Weekend

After the 1st week of teaching in a new grade level/school, I'm plannng on resting a bit then catching up on my household chores.  Since Monday is a holiday- I'll be sewing all day!!!  Doesn't take much to make me happy!  I would love an attractions book though :)


Yep, I will be home filing coupons and trying to get organized.  Happy Labor Day, Amy!  

Attractions Contest

Watching some UNC football.  Probably go to the clubhouse pool on Monday.  Relaxing!

Attractions contest

We are grilling out with neighbors tonight. Monday we are having a BLT party with our neighbors- everyone brings bacon and we divvy up who brings bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and all the fixings. It is awesome!

This Weekend

Just hanging out with the neighbors.  Grillin' and letting the kids play.

Attractions Coupon Book

Grillin & Chillin with the family!!!

Attractions Coupon Book

Grillin & Chillin with the family!!!


More coupons never hurts...

Enjoying a long weekend at home & treating a friend...

Plan to enjoy a long weekend at home and with the $ I save on coupons will be taking a meal to someone who is on chemo treatments so that he has a nice weekend too!

not planning to do anything.

not planning to do anything. How frugal is that !

Gathering with family and friends

I plan to join other family members for a cookout at my sister's home in Raeford on Monday.  Looking forward to seeing my grandkids have a long overdue visit with their cousins and family while us "old foggies" catch up on things.

Labor Day Weekend

I plan to spend the weekend resting after the first week back teaching my middle school students! 

Stay cation

After the last few weeks, just staying home and doing nothing!!

Weekend Update

I work long shifts every weekend but hopefully Monday will be nice for a family gathering.

Labor Day

Cookout with family!


Going to Greensboro to a baseball tournament.  (For Love of the Game)

Quick trip to DC to visit

Quick trip to DC to visit some of the museums, which are all free. 

PS, I love the Attractions book that I get every year at a discount through the N & O Zone :-)

Weekend Plans.

1st NCSU Football game of the season tonite - Go Pack. House/yard work for the weekend!

junk food weekend

I'll be home with the kids while the wife is at a beach house with friends, we're going to eat junk food the whole weekend while Mom's away ;)

Organizing my coupons!

Organizing my coupons!

Book give away, Pick me !

Organizing coupons and making homemade salads for cookout. Precooking meals to freeze for use later, salisbury steaks, meatballs and more using Lowe's burger that was on sale.... can you say multi task !!

sun and fun

going to jordan lake

We are staying home and

We are staying home and planting our fall lettuce crop.


Friends are coming to visit so will be spending time catching up with them.

weekend plans

I am taking most of Friday off so I have an even longer weekend - yay! I'm spending a great deal of the weekend with different friends - am going to lunch with one (not really frugal), but the other meetings are free. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to quiet time at home with family. Happy weekend, all!

Labor Day weekend plans

Sat: cooking (do most of the cooking for the week on Sat), and cleaning

Sun: church, errands/shopping, visit by phone with extended family, and catch up on filing Qs

Mon: day trip to visit the MIL

Also try to fit in some form of exercise nearly every day.

Would love to the Attractions book, and love that you help us all to save $ every day with your blog entries.  Thanks Amy!




This weekend

ECU Football game!

hanging out with the fam

hanging out with the fam this weekend!

Would love this

Plan in grocery shopping and spending time with the family for this three day weekend

week-end plans

Headed to ECU to see my son!!

grilling out with some friends

We are going to be grilling out for some of our friends. We are providing pork chops and brats for about 10-12 people. They think we have spent a lot of money, but it only costs about $4 because of centsible shopping (coupons and discounted meat). We'll probably cook something else too, just so we can brag about how cheaply they are eating.

Doing a cleanse! Ugh. :) 

Doing a cleanse! Ugh. :) 

Park Fun

We are headed to Pullen Park for some fun!


Canning tomato sauce and raspberries, making green tomato marmalade, baking bread, and (gulp) cleaning the garage.

family weekend

I am looking forward to a special weekend with my sister-in-law from Tampa as well as my brother-in-law from Virginia.  Can't wait to spend time with my niece and nephew.  Families are a blessing and nothing beats bonding with the kin. 

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