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Here's a sweet deal: Free pie at Kroger

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How does free pie sound?

Kroger is giving away free single-serve Marie Callender pies right now.

Head over HERE, sign in and send three friends an email about Marie Callender's new dinner entrees.

A digital coupon for the pie will be loaded onto your Kroger loyalty card.

If you prefer not to send the emails, you can post on Facebook or Twitter to get your free pie.



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I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem -- been trying to use the link since Sunday morning, and still getting the "Internal Error" message. Can't find the pies on the digital coupon offerings either.

Hmm. Only thing I can figure

Hmm. Only thing I can figure at this point is that the coupon was pulled because of overwhelming response. I searched high and low for a different link and couldn't find one but I'll keep an eye out because sometimes the super popular offers get re-released.

link not working - Internal Error

I am having a problem reaching the website with this offer, when I click on the "Head over HERE" link, I get an Interanl Error.

I'm guessing the site has

I'm guessing the site has been overloaded with traffic. I would try back later. OR, try logging in to your Kroger account, click on available coupons and see if it's being offered that way.

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