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Help a fellow reader out: Where can you find the best deal on nuts for baking?

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Hey folks, a fellow blog reader needs your help.

Emily from Raleigh wants to know the best place to purchase nuts.

She's planning to do a lot of holiday baking and wondered where to find good prices on walnuts, pecans and almonds.

Any ideas?

Would the warehouse clubs would be her best bet, or Aldi? Or maybe someone knows of a farmer or a place that sells in bulk?

Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.



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grocery stores

Nuts should be on sale soon, along with all the other baking supplies that get marked down before the holidays.  If I absolutely have to have them right away I ususally go to Trader Joes.  But I've gotten really good deals on pecans and walnuts at HT during Nov and Dec with coupons . 

Best price I have found on pine nuts around here is a one pound bag for 9.97 at Sam's.  If anyone has a better source please share...I go through a lot of them.

and for those of us who don't have memberships

I don't have a membership to a club so I end up buying mine at Trader Joe's.

Thank you!!

Thanks for the input everyone!  I asked Amy this question (thanks for posting Amy)!  I never even thought of online!  I'll look into that and b/c of our business we are members of costco and BJs.  I thought the prices at BJs were okay but will have to check out Costco too (don't get there as often).  Next time I'm at Aldi's I'll check that too.  Thanks again!!

Buy in bulk

I buy nuts at BJ's and keep them in the freezer until I need them.  They also accept coupons if you can find some for the nuts you need.


I've compared nut prices at Costco, Bjs and Aldi's and have always found that Costco is by far the best deal (although even their prices have gone up over the years...).

Thanks everyone for jumping

Thanks everyone for jumping in with your prices and ideas on where to get a good deal on nuts. Keep them coming!

I usually get my nuts at

I usually get my nuts at BJs. I haven't compare their price to aldi, though. I guess I better.


Bj's Club sells 3lbs of raw whole almond for $9.99.  I think it is a really good price. I think that pecans sells for the same price for 2lbs.


I usually shop online for bulk deals on nuts. I've had great success with nuttyguysonline.com and nuts.com. I've used both of these sellers for pine nuts, almonds and pecans. Since I rate both these sites the same for great quality, I would just use whichever seller has a better deal. Note nuttyguysonline has free shipping for orders over 50$ so keep that in mind when comparing your prices.


Hope that helps! 

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