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Grocery deals, July 17-23

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Here are this week's top grocery deals at Triangle supermarkets:

At Harris Teeter, look for good deals on strawberries, organic lettuces, chicken leg quarters, lunch meats, Kellogg's Mini Wheats, Coke brand 6-packs, McCain frozen potatoes, Blue Bunny ice cream and Thomas' English Muffins.

At Lowes Foods, you can score nice deals on Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt, Michelina's frozen entrees and Reser's deli salads, along with a fantastic deal on Wisk detergent. There are also several opportunities to earn gas rewards. And Cary store customers can save $10 instantly on a $50-plus Lowes Foods to Go order.

At Food Lion, another "Big Deal" promotion is starting, saving you up to $15 instantly on the purchase of select grocery items. Look for "Big Deal" tags on shelves throughout the store. There are also nice deals on Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Lance crackers, whole chickens, London Broil, cherries, potatoes and green peppers.

At Aldi, be sure to check out the produce prices, including peaches, plums, nectarines and grapes all for 99 cents per pound.

Keep reading for the complete round-up of this week's top deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi.

Need a refresher on couponing at the grocery stores?
Click HERE to read my Coupons 101 post for more detailed information on store coupon policies.
Click HERE to print coupons from The N&O's Find N Save coupon page powered by Coupons.com.
Click HERE to read more about how to save on groceries with the Ibotta smartphone app.
Click HERE to read more about using SavingStar's digital coupons.

At Harris Teeter:

Note: Don't forget to load your digital coupons, also known as E-Vic coupons or Zvers, onto your loyalty card. They can be used along with paper coupons to save even more.

E-Vic Special:
Kellogg's Mini Wheats (14-18 oz.): $1.97
.70/1 7/14 RP
= 57 cents! Very nice deal. Limit 2.

Stonyfield yogurt: 70 cents
.50/3 printable coupon on Stonyfield.com (registration required)
= 36 cents each. Great deal.

Kellogg's Cinnamon Jacks: $1.89
.70/1 7/14 RP
= 49 cents.

Driscoll's strawberries (1 lb.): $1.50! Great price.
.50/1 printable coupon when you join the Driscoll's Rewards Club on Driscolls.com
= as low as 50 cents!

McCain frozen potatoes: BOGO or $1.74 each
$1/1 printable coupon
= 79 cents!

Fiber One Chew Bars: $2.50
.50/1 7/14 SS
.60/1 printable coupon on BettyCrocker.com or Pillsbury.com
.50/1 SavingStar.com credit
= as low as 80 cents.

Chips Ahoy cookies: BOGO or $1.82
$1/1 booklet coupon spotted in Triangle stores
= 82 cents. Great deal, if you happened to snag one of these booklets.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables (11-12 oz.): $1.34
$1/2 printable coupon on SmartSource.com, if you hadn't previously printed these
= 84 cents each.

Blue Bunny ice cream: BOGO or $3.34 each
.75/1 printable coupon on bluebunny.com
= $1.84. Great deal.

Eight O'Clock coffee (11-12 oz.): BOGO or $3.44
$2/2 printable coupon
= $2.44 each.

No coupons required:

Organic green, red or romaine leaf lettuce: 2/$3. Nice price for organic.

Chicken leg quarters: 69 cents per pound for the value pack.

Harris Teeter pre-packaged deli lunchmeat (9 oz. tub): BOGO or $1.74 each. Good price.

Deli subs: $4.99 for a footlong all week long.

Harris Teeter frozen vegetables (32 oz.): $2. Very nice price.

Coke brand 6-packs (.5 liter bottles): Buy 2, Get 3 Free. Regular price: $4.69
= $1.88 each.

Thomas' English muffins: BOGO or $2.09 each.

Your Home bleach (64 oz.): $1.33.

At Lowes Foods:

Fresh Rewards E-Offer:
Bounty Basic paper towels (8 regular rolls or 6 big rolls): $4.77
.25/2 7/7 P&G
= $4.27.

Bonus Gas Rewards: Earn 25 cents off per gallon of gasoline with a $100-plus Lowes Foods to Go order. (Valid at Lowes Foods and Wlico Hess stations.)
There are also numerous 10 for $10 deals that earn 10-cent gasoline discounts. Check the coupon match-ups below for the best deals. You may mix and match among the $1 products to get the gas rewards, and there is no limit on the gas rewards you may earn.

Lowes Foods to Go promo for Cary stores only: Save $10 instantly off your order of $50 or more.

Old Spice bar soap: $1.79
.50/1 7/7 P&G
= 79 cents.

Fiber One Chew Bars: $2.50
.50/1 7/14 SS
.60/1 printable coupon on BettyCrocker.com or Pillsbury.com
.50/1 SavingStar.com credit
= as low as 80 cents.

Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt (5.3 oz.): $1
$1/5 6/23 SS
= 80 cents each.
Note: This item qualifies for gas rewards.

Michelina's frozen entrees: $1
$1/5 printable coupon on Michelina.com/coupons
$1/5 printable coupon
= 80 cents each.
Note: This item qualifies for gas rewards.

Nabisco Premium Rounds crackers: $2
$1/1 7/14 SS
= $1.

Eggland's Best Grade A White eggs: $2 per dozen
.35/1 4/28 SS
= $1.30. Nice price.

Reser's deli salads (15-16 oz.) $2.50
.55/1 printable coupon on N&O's Find N Save
= $1.40.

Wisk detergent (50 oz.): BOGO or $3.50 each
$2/1 6/23 RP
= $1.50! Fantastic price.

Butterball ground turkey (16 oz.): $2.50
$1/1 5/19 SS2
$1/2 6/30 SS
= as low as $1.50! Great price.

Kellogg's Raisin Bran Omega (14.5 oz.): $3
.70/1 Kellogg's Raisin Bran Omega-3 From Flaxseed cereal, 14.5 oz. 7/14 RP
= $1.60.

Kellogg's Mini Wheats (14 oz.): $3
.70/1 Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Crunch cereal, 14 oz.
= $1.60.

Butterball turkey breast (8 oz. tub): $2.50
.55/1 (DND)
= $1.95.

Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (50 oz.): BOGO or $3.30 each
Arm & Hammer laundry power packs: BOGO or $3.48
$1/1 Arm & Hammer 4X Concentrated Detergent 6/23 SS, if included in sale
$1/2 Arm & Hammer Power Paks Single Use Laundry Detergent 6/23 or 7/14 SS
.75/2 Arm & Hammer Liquid or Powder Detergent or Fabric Softener Sheets 7/14 SS
= as low as $2.30.

Charmin Basic toilet paper (12 rolls): $4.99
.25/1 7/7 P&G
= $4.49.

No coupons required:

Limes: 33 cents each.

Vine ripe tomatoes: 97 cents per pound.

Peaches: 97 cents per pound.

Squash: 97 cents per pound.

Snap beans: 97 cents per pound.

Blackberries (6 oz.): $1.97.

Sanderson Farms split fryer chicken breast: BOGO or $1.15 per pound.

Southern Style ribs: BOGO or $1.50 per pound.

Oscar Mayer ham or turkey (8 oz.): BOGO or $1.80 each.

Boneless top sirloin steaks: $4.95 per pound for family pack.

Carolina medium shrimp: $6.99 per pound.

Tribe Hummus (8 oz.): BOGO or $1.75 each. Good price.

Lowes Foods chunk cheese (8 oz.): BOGO or $1.40 each. Good price.

Lowes Foods olive oil (17 oz.): BOGO or $3.18. Good deal.

Kellogg's cereals (select): BOGO
Raisin Bran Crunch, 18.2: $2.10 each
Rice Krispies, 12 oz.: $1.85 each
Mini Wheats, 24 oz.: $2.50 each
Cocoa Krispies, 15.5 oz.: $2.10 each
NOTE: Unfortunately, the recent .70/1 coupons released do not match up to the sizes listed here.

Arnold bread (24 oz.): BOGO or $2.15 each.

Lowes Foods toaster pastries: $1.25.

Lowes Foods syrup (24 oz.): $2.

At Food Lion:

The Big Deal promotion: Buy 10 participating products, Get $5 off instantly at the register; Buy 20, Get $10; Buy 30, Get $15. All products must be purchased in the same transaction. A list of all products will be available in stores. With any luck, Yoplait yogurts will be included as they were during a previous promotion, yielding free yogurt.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Yoplait yogurts are NOT included this time around. I ran in to my Food Lion this morning to check.

7UP, Canada Dry, A&W 2 liters: $1.25
.75/1 on Ten varieties, if included in sale
= as low as 50 cents.

French's Mustard (12-14 oz.): $1 after Big Deal promotion discount
.30/1 6/16 SS
= 70 cents.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables (11-12 oz.): $1.25
$1/2 printable coupon on SmartSource.com, if you hadn't printed these before
= 75 cents each.

Ragu pasta sauce: $1 after Big Deal promotion discount.

Food Lion chocolate or strawberry syrup (22 oz.): $1 after Big Deal promotion discount.

Capri Sun 10-packs: $1.50 after Big Deal promotion discount.

Hot or Lean Pockets: $1.50 after Big Deal promotion discount
PLUS: This will go toward the $5 credit available on select frozen foods on SavingStar.com.

Lance crackers 8-packs or Snyder's Pretels (9-16 oz.): 2/$5
$1/2 printable coupon for Lance crackers
= $1.50 each. Plus, you'll get a free 2 liter of My Essentials soda.

Planters Trail Mix (6 oz.): 2/$4
$1/2 6/30 SS
= $1.50 each.

Dole or Fresh Express Salad Blends (9-12 oz.): 2/$4
.65/2 printable coupon on Distinctively Dole Salad Kits, if included in sale
= as low as $1.68 each, if Distinctively Dole is part of sale.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream (16 oz.): 2/$5
$1/2 6/30 RP
= $2 each.

Nature Valley and Fiber One granola bars: 2/$5
$1/2 in-store kiosk coupon
= $2 each.

DiGiorno Pizza: $5
$2/1 printable coupon on Pizzeria variety on DiGiorno Facebook page
= $3, if sale includes Pizzeria varieties.

Charmin Ultra 6 Double Rolls or Bounty 6 rolls paper towels: $4.29 after Big Deal promotion discount
.25/1 7/7 P&G
= $4.04.

Purex laundry detergent (150 oz.): $6.49
$1/2 6/30 RP
= $6 each wyb 2.
Note: That's like paying $2 per bottle for the 50-oz. size. Nice deal.

No coupons required:

Green peppers: 69 cents each.

Mangoes: 89 cents each.

Vine cluster tomatoes: $1.29 per pound.

Yellow onions (3 lb.): $1.79.

Russet potatoes (5 lb. bag): $2.

Cherries: $2.99 per pound.

Whole chickens: 99 cents per pound.

Top Round London Broil: $2.99 per pound.

Country Style pork ribs: 50 percent off value packs.

Boston butt: 50 percent off.

Food Lion shrimp: BOGO.

Oscar Mayer meat bologna (16 oz.): BOGO.

Deli oven roasted turkey, chicken breast or Provolone cheese: $4.99 per pound.

Food Lion deli salads (15-16 oz.): $2.

Green Giant canned vegetables (14.5-15.25 oz.): 80 cents.

My Essentials Concord grape jelly (32 oz.): $1.87.

My Essentials peanut butter (16-18 oz.): $2.33.

Wise potato chips: BOGO.

Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn: BOGO.

Pepsi brand 2 liters: $1.

Scotties facial tissue (60-120 count): 89 cents.

At Aldi:

Mangoes: 69 cents each.

Peaches: 99 cents per pound.

Plums: 99 cents per pound.

Nectarines: 99 cents per pound.

Green grapes: 99 cents per pound.

80% lean all natural ground beef: $2.79 per pound.

Wednesday meat special: Fresh Green Chile Cheddar Burgers (1.33 lb.): $5.99.

Steak sauce (10 oz.): 99 cents.

Peanut butter (16-18 oz.): $1.89.

Hot dog or hamburger buns: 89 cents.

Whipped topping (8 oz.): 89 cents.

Sherbet (48 oz.): $1.99.

Ice cream cups or sugar cones: 99 cents.

Assorted ice cream bars/novelties (6-12 count): $1.99.


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FL Big Deal

Do you know if the ....

Lance crackers 8-packs or Snyder's Pretels (9-16 oz.): 2/$5
$1/2 printable coupon for Lance crackers
= $1.50 each. Plus, you'll get a free 2 liter of My Essentials soda.

... is included in the Big Deal at Food Lion. It doesn't say it is here but the way the prices are it looks like there are .50 off each. Just trying to get my ducks in a row for my shopping trip tomorrow. I would just figure it out when I get there (I may have to anyways) but I bring 2 toddlers with me so it's a lot less stressful if I know exactly what I need. Anyways I just want to make sure I don't get too many or too little for the deal.

Sadly, Lance and Snyder's

Sadly, Lance and Snyder's are not included in the Big Deal....
Would have been nice.
Good luck with your shopping trip with two little ones in tow. You are BRAVE.

Oh my that was the most

Oh my that was the most stressful shopping trip I've had in a long while. They insisted that the Food Lion chocolate syrup was not included, things weren't marked properly. Then after I got it all figured out my $5 discount didn't come off. It didn't help that I haven't been into a Food Lion in 10 years. I got it all straightened out in the end and the employees were very nice to a confused, scatter brained customer. But we made it out alive, spent $47 saved $30. I have high hopes that next time around it will go smoother.
My kids always come with me so you think they'd get used to it. They always like going to HT because they get a free cookie, and other samples every time. :)

Glad it worked out in the

Glad it worked out in the end!
Hope you treated yourself last night after the kids went to bed. :)

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