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Giveaway: Whole Foods 2012 calendar

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A few days ago, I told you about the new 2012 Whole Planet Foundation calendar being sold at Whole Foods.

Today, I'm giving one away.

As I mentioned, the calendar is one of my favorite gifts for the holidays.

For just $3, you get a beautiful calendar filled with more than $20 in coupons for items sold at Whole Foods stores, including Kashi, Muir Glen and Nature's Path products. The coupons don't expire until the end of 2012 and can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons for extra savings.

On top of all that, every penny of your $3 goes to support micro-lending programs to help women in countries across the globe lift their families out of poverty.

So it's not only an affordable and useful gift, but you're also helping a worthy cause. A triple play in my frugal world.

To enter the giveaway, tell me some of your favorite affordable gifts for the holidays. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post and you'll be entered to win.

I'll pick one winner at random on Monday morning.

In case you missed the first post, here's a little more information on the calendar:

Each month features a female entrepreneur who has created or expanded a home-based business with the help of Whole Foods' charitable foundation, Whole Planet Foundation.

This year's calendar features women from Paraguay, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, India, Cambodia, Turkey, Indonesia, Ecuador and the United States.

Women like Lourdes, who was able to expand her small grocery in Paraguay with the help of a micro loan. And Felicienne, a bean farmer from Rwanda, and Itha, a cookie baker from Sumatra, Indonesia.

Since 2006 the calendar has raised $300,271, helping more than 8,200 people better themselves.

Click here to read more about the Whole Planet Foundation. Click here for a list of coupons in the 2012 calendar.


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comment for giveaway

homemade chocolate liquor seems to be a favorite but requires planning ahead.

First of all, I LOVE your

First of all, I LOVE your blog!  It is extremely helpful!  As someone else already mentioned, I like to make up baskets of "goodies" that I've purchased for about nothing over the year.  The older folks on a tight budget love the lotions, tissues, candies, etc. 


Years ago I started giving $1 calendars as gifts to my family and friends. They love them and look for them each year. The craft stores usually have coupons but they are a bargain without them as well.

A similar affordable gift

The Chick-Fil-A calendar.

whole foods deal

We love WholeFoods Pl ente me in the drawing!

Holiday gifts

My family started a new tradition where we donate money to our favorite charities instead of buying each other presents.  It makes shopping for the holidays a lot easier and it's for a good cause!

wine, chocolate, seafood,

wine, chocolate, seafood, frozen stuff. enter me please.

Whole Foods Calendar

the home made goodies and things picked up during the year make a nice gift basket.

Discounted Gift Cards

There are always deals on discounted gift cards that make great gifts.  Thanks for posting this.  I didn't know about this calendar before.  Now I am going to buy one but winning one would be sweet as well.



Great Deals...

I usually get a lot of my Christmas gifts on Black Friday - most of the time I find unbelievable deals.  If I can get it online without having to go into the store, I use discount codes and free shipping codes to make it even better.

What a great cause!

My go-to gift for co-workers, neighbors, etc is definitely homemade treats (the ingredients of which are pretty much always "couponed"). And of course my students all know that the easisest gift to give me is of course...coupons! :)

Whole Foods

I have a couple of elderly relatives on my list that live in another state. I have started gathering treats for them by using deals and coupons. They look forward to their basket every year !

gift cards

I used to bake a lot and give away plates of yummies.  But since there is not enough time for me to do that anymore, the new favorite is a gift card from somewhere that you know the recipient will love.  The affordable part is of course that you choose the amount.

My favorite affordable gift

My favorite affordable gift to give is - ironically - the Wake County SPCA Calendar.  It's beautiful every year and my family members love receiving it.

Affordable gifts

I watch for clearance sales on things like jewelry on websites like Coldwater Creek.  I have bought $40 bracelets and necklaces for $5!  I keep them until they fit a person I need a gift for. I also like to purchase handmade items at craft fairs to give as unique gifts, while supporting a local artisan.

Affordable gifts

I try to stock up using coupons throughout the year and then fill gift baskets with different themes such as movie night, health/beauty and give them out.  The baskets are under $5 but worth $25-40 each.


One of my favorite affordable gifts I have recieved is homemade jam from a neighbor.  She picks the berries herself and it makes for such a thoughtful gift our whole family enjoys!  

Holiday Baked Goods

I like to make ridiculous amounts of holiday goodies, package them in cute decorations (purchased on clearance the previous year, of course!), and give them as gifts. People seem to like not having more clutter.

very nice, especially since the holidays are coming

my favorite things to buy are of course, things for my 3 4-legged little girls....new winter coats, booties, expensive dog food b/c that is all my youngest will eat!

love to buy fragrant soaps, wine.

and for myself i need a new microwave and weedeater.

What a great prize!

The most affordable gifts are those you make such as handmade ornaments, cookie in a jar, baked sweets for neighbors. The money you save can help purchase food items to donate at local shelters & food banks.

whole foods calendar

I like to give things that are locally made or something consumable  if possible - esp. for teacher gifts.  Lately I've been taking the teachers lunch from a local restaurant & they love it!

Whole Foods Calendar Contest

I would love to win this to include as a gift along with items that I get couponing during the year to create fun gift baskets with themes such as hot foods, coffee or chocolate :-)


I would love to win the Whole Foods calendar.  I like to buy mp3s and put them on a CD for people, and of course the standard gift cards.

this is great!

Thanks for calling this to my attention! I'd love to win one..

I like to give baskets with goodies in it for friends/family- always put a  baked good in there and something else I know they like

affordable gifts

My favorites also include homemade baked goods -- sometimes I'm organized enough to make herb vinegars with my summertime herbs and give those out, too.  I also make handknit things, or pick up some nice scented goat milk soaps or lip balms at craft fairs to support a local small business.

Fav Holiday Gifts

My favorite holiday gifts include:

Time - I try to give my time.

Gift cards - Every November 1 I redeem any points from survey sites or from accounts that I have. (This year I managed to score $125 from TJ Maxx, $5 from CVS, $50 from Target, $50 from Macy's and $25 from Walmart.) Then I shop online only and earn points on the gift cards that I just redeemed by earning points. Shopping online also saves me from impulse buys.

Ornaments - I purchase a bunch of clearance ornaments in January and give one to all of the special children in my life the following Christmas. Hopefully when they are older they can appreciate the tradition.

I would love to win this

I would love to win this calendar because my whole foods doesn't stock them! My favorite affordable gifts are homemade baked goods.

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