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Food Lion offers generous gift card promotion

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Food Lion launched an extraordinarily generous promotion today that will save you an automatic 20 percent on gift cards to select retailers.

Here's how:

Now through June 19 at Food Lion stores, when you spend $50 on gift cards for Belk, Lowe's Home Improvement, iTunes, Bass Pro Shops or Mastercard, you'll get $10 off your bill -- instantly.

There are no coupons or rebates involved. As I understand it, you will simply pay $40 for a $50 card. (Shoppers are limited to one gift card deal per day.)

If you're buying for a Father's day or graduation gift, you've immediately saved 20 percent on a generous gift.

Or, consider purchasing a gift card for your own household for a purchase you've already planned.

For instance, I'll be purchasing a Lowe's Home Improvement card for ongoing projects at our house. Since Lowe's rarely has sales, I'm making my own by paying just 80 cents on the dollar for the card.

Or, choose a retailer such as Belk that frequently has sales and coupons and save even more.

Let me know in the comments section if you decide to do this deal. I'd love to hear your scenarios.


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I consider frugality an art form and a religious conviction. I learned about paying cash for purchases...


Limited payment options for cards

First off, thank you Amy for letting us know about this deal!

I seldom carry cash (working my credit card rewards). I purchased 5 gift cards at various Food Lion locations. Twice they would only accept debit or cash for payment. Fortunately I remembered that you can now get cashback with Discover transactions so I made a small purchase and got the cash for the gift card.

It seems to just depend on which cashier you get, although I suspect this is the actual company policy.

Belk GC

If you combine this deal with the $10 off $50 coupon in Sunday's Belk ad, you can get $60 of merchandise for only $40.  The belk coupon expires today, though.

Is it 10.00 off each 50.00

Is it 10.00 off each 50.00 gift card purchase? Also, how many are you allowed to purchase?

It is $10 off each $50

It is $10 off each $50 purchase. But only one purchase per day. Through June 19.

Food Lion Gift Cards

Do you know if the purchase can be 2 different $25 gift cards? For example $25 for Lowes and $25 for Belk?

Gift card deal

I believe so, though I have not yet done the deal.

The wording in the ad suggests that it should work.

"Save $10 instantly when you spend $50 on these participating gift cards"

Keep me posted and I will do the same.

I went tonight as I had

I went tonight as I had planned on buying seven Lowe's gift cards. Unfortunately, you can only do one card a day in order to get the $10.00 off.

Unless you have a different Food Lion card as the deal is linked to your card.

GOOD NEWS!!! It  resets everyday so you can get Belk one day and Lowe's the next.  The promotion runs from June 6-19 so plenty of days if others plan on making a big purchase such as myself.

Another deal for those who are active/retire military, you can pair it with your 10% discount at Lowe's to get a better deal.

Thanks for reporting back

Thanks for reporting back in, thetravelingjs! I had hoped to go after work tonight but got side-tracked.

And great point on the extra discount at Lowe's for active/retired military!

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