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Last chance: Enter to win a $25 Harris Teeter gift card

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This giveaway is now closed.

Harris Teeter's latest round of Super Double couponing begins today and we want to know your thoughts.

Were you at the registers at 7 a.m. when the promotion began? Or are you sitting this one out?

How much did you save? How much did you spend?

Did all your coupons ring up properly or do you have a couponing tale of woe to tell?

Pleave leave a comment about Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and you'll be entered to win a $25 Harris Teeter gift card.

I'll pick one reader at random Tuesday evening, Aug. 14, as the event ends.

I'll announce the winner on the blog Wednesday morning.

Please be sure your newsobserver.com registration is up to date with a current email so I can easily contact the winner.

Good luck everyone.


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I went Sunday to get the All detergent, but they were all out... bummer.

Super Doubles

I made 4 trips this week and was able to get Blue Bunny ice cream for $1.24, Smart Balance milk for 99 cents and quite a few free items. Great help from you, Amy!

Good week

I visited HT 4 times this week and felt good about the deals I got.  My favorit was the Met Rx bars since those are great items for my daughter to take for lunch ( she won't eat a sandwich!).  

Nickel and Diming HT

Super doubles for me these days is usually a list of about ten items and I end up making several stops throughout the week (when I'm already out and about so as to not waste gas) because most of those items will be out.  It's not a big deal though since I need to concentrate on using up the stockpile I've amassed over the last few years that started with your predecessor.  By the way you're doing a great job.

not so good

I had a big stack of coupons worth 1-2 dollars but only managed to use about ten.  Best deals I got were on cleaning products.  I used $1/1 coupons then used some $1 off purchase of $3 of cleaning supplies coupons I got from Food Lion.

Good trip

I had a good trip this time. I didn't get 3 of my items which isn't too bad since I didn't go 'til Saturday

Harris Teeter Doubles

I went shopping last week.  I spent $48 and saved $38.  Wish I had time to go again.    Thanks for keeping us updated with their super doubles.

Found everything!!!

Found everything I was looking for ... started Seniors' Thursday ... again Saturday ... again Sunday special All ... and finished today (even found Wholly Guacamole today!) And even a bottle of Keri lotion a few days ago :-) THANKS, HT!!! And THANKS, AMY!!!

HT Doubles

I did not get to HT until Saturday morning, so I didn't get too many freebies.  I won't complain though ... $112 of groceries for $29.  Thanks HT and thanks Amy!

Average savings this time.

We went Wednesday morning as suggested. I bought cereal, Starbucks Frappacinos' used  a few other $1 or more coupons. I saved about 40%.  I typically do better at Kroger's on their everyday prices combined with a coupon. As every penny counts (my husband is unemployed and I am a WCPSS Teacher Assistant) we really stay to a strict budget.  I felt I planned really well, I guess I was just hoping to see better % of savings....but hey I still got what I needed and a discount! Thanks.....

Just learned about them now!

Just learned about them now!  Will try to go on Sunday morning per the suggestion before.  I like triples better, but they don't do those much.  Great time to get Ziploc bags for school, though.

Harris Teeter Doubles!

I went twice and both trips were a success.  I really didn't buy a lot food this go around.  I did stock up on ziplocs, razors, dove body wash and other random personal items.  All my evics came off and everyone working was very nice!

Cheers to another successful super doubles!!

Was gonna sit this out

But that was before I needed Creamer...oh yeah and anything else I can get for free.  My cats also need their treats!!!


I did really well this time around! I spent  $28 on over $150 worth of merchandise. I did have to make two trips but well worth it for me.

Super Doubles

I used 2 coupons. Each doubled to $3.00. Thanks!

Super Doubles

Thanks so much for the help.  I follow a lot of couponing lists, but I get frustrated that they don't always match up with deals in raleigh.  I saved about 75% on this last super doubles go around.

HT Super Doubles

I went on Sunday morning.  The All deal was already gone at Wake Field but got several items for 50 cents or less.  One coupon did not double --not sure why. 

Harris Teeter giftcard

I went Sunday morning and scored Wholy Salsa, 2 boxes Cheerios, Ivory soap, Glad zip locks with coupons.  Less than $6 for all.  I didn't have coupons for some of the items I wanted.  Oh well, still satisfied.  Thank you Amy for your consistent hard work in helping us get the deals!

Super Doubles

I only used 2 coupons, but they were for things that we would normally buy, so they were a good deal.  The buy one get one free deals are my favorites.  I did cut a few coupons from the paper today and may try and go back.

Super Doubles

Sunday morning is a good time to go if you can get there before or after church.  The shelves seem to be restocked.  There were a couple of other couponers out there with me with their telltale binders laying across the cart.  I was happy to get the All Detergent for $.97.

Super Doubles

I wasn't able to get to the store until after 1:00 on Wednesday so I was worried I would miss a lot of the freebies. I was pleasently surprised to find I was still able to get most of the things I wanted! I went back on Friday and was able to pick up things that I missed! I love super doubles! : )

HT Super Doubles

Only made 1 trip this week as I live 20+ miles from the nearest HT and need to save on gas.

Spent $19.53, saved $28.24!  Not too bad considering I picked up a few things that I didn't have q's for.

A $25 gift card would sure come in handy right now!

Happy Super Doubles

I enjoyed my savings from super doubles...not everything in stock (Tampax and hefty bags) but most things were.  A few highlights:  The cottonelle coupons on the packages bringing the pack down to 3.99.  I bought 4 then received the Kimberly-Clark promotion of $5 off my next purchase (needed to purchase $20 before coupons)!  I also found a seafood wine tag, $1 that doubled.  Fresh Salmon was marked down so I splurged and bought a fillet.   I guess normally  about $10/lb on special but it was 5.99/lb.  Still pricey but we are trying to eat more fish so I'm happy.   BTW, if you have any tips on good fish prices please share!  Thanks for your tips and matchs ups!

I think I need a break!

Just not that excited, maybe a gift card would help me through my slump!

My favorite weeks are doubles and triples! :D

So I am running out of room in our tiny house and I've asked my husband to knock out another part of the wall to continue my little "pantry" for all my coupon'ed stock! :) That is a very good problem to have I'd say! I only went 2 days so far...not enough to get super excited over after the first day. Buuut...day 1, I saved 94% and day 2, I saved 70%! Also learned a few things about couponing this time around. I did have some trouble with some of my coupons not scanning, so I had to go to customer service the next day. :( My favorite part of the trip was hearing the cashier say, "I need an over-ride because she saved too much." HAHA! THAT's what I like to hear baby! ;)

coupon fairy...

Thank you for the diaper coupons!! I paid it forward! :)

Super Double - my favorite!

I've made one trip already and saved over $30 but am planning to go back again this afternoon once I get some more of my coupons clipped.  I love it when HT does the super double coupons!!

Super Doubles

I went this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find everything I was looking for I stock. I actually had to decide which of my coupons to save for another trip later this week. I had a rain check for the smart balance milk and got 3 cartons free, had a rain heck for 8th Continent, so they were only $0.87. I now have enough cereal, juice, and waffles to last my family a couple months! I bought several things that were on sale without coupons as well and went for the things we use instead of what was the cheapest or free, so I spent $50 and saved $95.

Super Doubles

Sadly, I was out of town on Wed. AM so I did not get to go at 7 AM.  I have tried twice since then, but still have not been able to find the Tampax Tampons, Always Infinity or Keri Lotion.  Did fine some Wholly Guac the second time I went.  I will get rainchecks for the Tampax and Always though since even without Super Doubles those would still be really good deals---just not a money maker.  Hopefully I will find some in stock before Wed. though.  I was glad to see HT included $2 Qs again.  I hope they continue to as it makes a big difference!  Thanks as always for your coupon matchups.  It helps so much!

My store was already out of

My store was already out of Wholly Guac, Keri and Cooked Perfect Meatballs when I arrived at 7:30 AM Weds.   I did remember to get rainchecks:-).  Not many couponers around, which confirms my thoughts that the deals are not too good this time around.  I did good on the items I bought, but only redeemed 14 coupons instead of the usual 20.


One of my better trips to HT happened today!! I only spent $20 and saved $78!! I even posted my haul on my FB page!  :-)

And I loved the HANDY DANDY Harris Teeter APP on my phone for digital savings!! Combining those with paper coupons is a super-awesome deal, Amy!

Thanks, Centsible Saver!!


I got there early and have been enjoying the inexpensive Toll House cookie dough and the Zip Loc bags.

Super doubles

I usually love super doubles but I did not find anything I was interested in this go around. I'll look forward to the next event.

Saved 40%.  Not my best

Saved 40%.  Not my best excursion but very good none the less.  I also tend to buy other sale items that don't have a coupon; the savings in gas from a subsequent trip beats the coupon these days.

I love the Centsible Saver!


I am passing this time, because I am short of coupons and gas. Maybe next time.

I'm sitting this one out!

With a 2 year old and a 5-month old, I've put couponing on the back burner for awhile. But good luck to the rest of you! :) 


Just popped in for a couple of items and did really well.

HT Super Doubles

I went the afternoon of the first day.  Some of the free items I wanted were already sold out.  Spent $70, put saved $98.  Stocked up on several items and had to get a few staples.  Anytime I save as much or more than I spend, I'm VERY happy.


Trying to get there but also won't kill myself over it as there are other bargains to be found.

harris teeter

have not been in yet, hope by sat. going thru my coupons to get in order....i usually go to several ht if cant find at one store....i only buy now what i need, trying not to buy things i will not use or over stockpile b/c trying to clear out house to get ready to move....i usually wait to get the evics so only go once...


I didn't get the Sunday paper last weekend, so I think I'm missing out on some good freebies.  I still managed to get a few good deals.

Sitting it out?!

Oh no, no, no!  Shop early and often!  At the register at 7:00? Well, no.  At the store by 7:00?  Umm, no again.  So my definition of early is not as early as some, and so far I've missed out on the Wholly Guac, Keri lotion, and Vicks ZZZQuil, but I'm still delighted about the items I did find in stock!  My ZVRs were deducted as expected on Wed, but none were deducted on Thurs, (same store) so I'll take my receipt back and ask about those at the CS desk.  Happy Savings to all!  :-)

Love the freebies!

I got breakfast sausage free - $2 Catalina coupon that doubled off Johnsonville sausage priced at $3.89.  It wasn't on sale, but I got it free!!

Knorr Homestyle Stock priced at $4.15 with a doubled $2 Catalina coupon - 15 cents!

With Catalina Cheerio coupons, it worked out at $1.50 a box.

I had to buy non-coupon items (milk, etc...), but my overall shop saved 45%.

Love the $2 doubles!

Had a lot going on so I did not get as organized as usual, but still bought $30 worth for only $14 after my coupons.

no guac

Spent $96 and saved $340.  Couldn't find the guac though!

love super doubles

I've been saving my $10 off a $50 purchase from recyclebank for HT supersdoubles. Had 2 cottenelle $1.50 coupons to use, and will be freezing a lot of Wholly Guacamole and Smart Balance Milk. Great sale.

Love the Harris Teeter Double Coupons

I always make it a rule to not buy an item unless it is on sale AND I have a coupon that doubles. HT regular prices are higher than FL or Lowes, but, if it's on sale and I have a coupon I can get things for next to nothing. I average a 50% savings every time I shop during their coupon deals...but remember, even if your receipt says you saved a certain dollar amount on your total, if you paid more than it would have cost somewhere else you really didn't save anything.

For instance, if their Silk Soy Milk is regularly $4.49 and you have a $1.00 coupon that doubles and it brings it down to $2.49 BUT it's regularly $3.19 at Food Lion and you had used your coupon there, EVEN THOUGH it doesn't double the milk would have been cheaper. It would show on your HT receipt that you saved $2.00 on that transaction but so what if you could have gotten it somewhere else cheaper. It's not only coupon shopping it needs to be smart shopping!!

HT super doubles

Holy guacamole !!! 2 pkg. wholly guacamoles free !!!

I love Wholly Guac

was saving my coupon for this event!!

Super Doubles haul

Couponing haul from super doubles at Harris Teeter yesterday: got $306 worth of groceries for $180. I had $125 in coupons!!!!! Saved 41% on my bill which is not my best but still $125 in free money. I've never hit over $100 in coupons! Also at my Harris Teeter, there were stickers on the Cottenelle Toliet paper for SAVE $1.00 NOW which doubled and brought them down to $3.99 for 12 rolls. I am a toliet paper snob and was so excited about this!!!

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