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Earth Day giveaway: Enter to win a set of reusable grocery bags

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In honor of Earth Day, I'm giving away a set of five reusable grocery bags from Harris Teeter.

Leave a comment or question below and you'll be entered to win.

I'd love to hear your eco-friendly tips, of course, especially those that save money and help you tread more lightly on the planet.

I'll pick one winner at random on Tuesday evening.

Good luck and happy Earth Day!


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Thanks, Amy!

Thanks so much, Amy. Received my bags today :)

A "deal" isn't always a deal.....

While I dearly love getting groceries for free (or at least really really cheap), I sometimes have to remind myself that a deal isn't always a deal. For example: I drive a decently fuel efficient vehicle which gets approximately 30 mpg. My nearest HT is a 25 mile round trip. So when gas is $3.00/gal, it costs me, in gas only, approximately $2.50 to make that trip to HT. If I'm burning to make the trip to save a dollar or two, it's simply not worth the trip, either for my wallet or for the planet. And with gas more than $3.00/gal, the fuel cost adds up even quicker.

So, I try to make sure that my savings more than offset the cost of getting there and back, and I am nearly always able to do that. In addition, as I'm running other errands over the course of a week, I think about where I'm going and how close I'll be to HT or any other supermarket where I can pick up bargains with a smaller fuel cost. I view this as the other side of shopping local! :-)


need bags to haul imaginary deals

Hey, I think I need the bags to haul all my imaginary deals!! (see post in super doubles thread to get the chuckle).  Of course, using the bags at other stores like Lowes and Target will get you a bag credit at the checkout and a green credit with the world for helping to save the environment!

Going Green

We use CFL bulbs, recycle as much as we can and use reusable water bottles!

I love to buy fun reusable

I love to buy fun reusable bags to use as gift bags.  Also, my CVS bag tag is attached to a folding bag I carry in my purse.

reusable bags

I love reusable bags--they are great for carrying alot more than groceries.

reusable bags

I noticed the last time I bought cat food that the bag looked like the material the Trader Joe's reusable bags are made frome--so when the cat food was gone I took the bag apart and resewed it to have a flat bottom and sewed on woven-tape type straps for handles. It's almost the same size as the TJ's bag and it's been fun to use. I might make the next one inside out though, to reduce the free advertising for the cat food company!

my entry

I love having reusable bags, we use them for tons of things. I often pack snacks, clothes, etc in our "grocery" bags for a day or overnight trip. They are hard to remember at the store, but its 100% worth it. I love that the bags can hold so many groceries and gives me less bags to carry in. 

Reusable bags

It always seems that no matter how many reusable bags I have, I could always use just one more.

Reusable Bags

I'd love this one. Trying to remember to bring them along with me on all grocery trips in order to become more eco-friendly. :)

Eco-friendly tip: Line dry

Eco-friendly tip: Line dry your clothes! :) If you use less detergent than suggested, your clothes will still be clean, and they'll be less stiff on the line!

reuseable bags

I have re-uses for all of types of shopping bags.  I love it that some places like CVS, Target, and Lowe's provide cash incentives for bringing in reusable bags; that alone helps me to remember to carry them into the store.  Having a designated place for each type of bag also helps me to re-use them: the fabric ones are kept in the vehicle, a few plastic ones are also kept in the vehicle for litter bags, and the paper ones get used as garbage bags so we never need to purchase garbage bags.  Also use clean plastic bags as light weight padding or filling rather than foam "peanuts" for cushioning items for shipping.  The plain side of brown paper bags are also wrapped and taped around the outside of boxes that are re-used for shipping items.  Haven't yet gotten any insulated reusable bags; instead just keep the cooler in the vehicle, and when leaving home in the mornings if there's a chance I might stop for groceries I'll take the frozen gallon jug (a re-purposed milk carton) from the freezer and set it in the cooler for the day.

Keep cereal bag liners.

Keep the empty cereal bags from cereal boxes.  They're great to use for crushing crackers in for some dessert recipes or to store and toss grease (cooled) from cooking ground beef or bacon or to pack a sandwich in for lunch bag.

Reusable bags

Not only do I love reusable bags, but reusable containers as well!

ht reusable bags

i love the reusable bags, keep several in my car. when i get more than i need i give them to my friends...if you carry your own bags into cvs, they have the little leaf like card to scan to get more points...rewards-so you are getting 2 cards scans for rewards

Reusable bags

I love reusable bags and need to replace a few of mine.

Use fewer bags...

Love reusable bags and am  trying to increase my use of them, but I also try to limit the number of bags I might receive anyway. First, just say "no bag needed" when buying an item you can easily carry without a bag. Second, let baggers know that you do not need a bag for items with handles that are easily carried, like gallon milk jugs or liquid laundry detergent.

bags are good things

amazing the things they get used for besides shopping. I don't have any great tips, most of the stuff I do likely everyone knows about, but I'll tell you what I could use some tricks for - how to remember to take your bags to the store with you. I'm doing better, use to forget more than I remembered, but in spite of trying to remember to keep both cars stocked with bags and trying to think ahead about where all I'm going before I leave the house for the day I still find myself in the check out line having forgotten bags.

Love Reusable Bags

I love HT and I love reusable bags - hope to win.

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