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Deal alert: Cheap milk this week

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Need milk?

It's cheap this week at two grocery stores in the Triangle.

You'll find all varieties of milk for just $2.69 per gallon at Aldi.

And with the $1.50/1 coupon from the April 1 Smart Source insert, you can score a half-gallon of Smart Balance milk for just 99 cents during Harris Teeter's Super Double coupon promotion.

Those are both steals of a deal, considering most groceries have milk priced in the $3.75 per gallon range.

Oh, and when you purchase the Smart Balance milk at Harris Teeter, you get a free tub of Smart Balance Buttery Spread free this week.


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Just came back from HT and

Just came back from HT and they longer have the tag near the Smart Balance Milk that you can get free buttery spread.   So guess it is not longer available at the HT in Durham at Guess Rd

That's too bad that the

That's too bad that the manager chose to remove the signs because the deal is on-going. One per order.

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