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Don't forget: Container Store deals and a giveaway

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NOTE: You have until midnight Tuesday, May 29, to enter this giveaway. I'll post the winner Wednesday morning.

If you're in organizing mode, listen up.

I'm giving away a $25 gift card to The Container Store in Raleigh.

To the uninitiated, The Container Store is an organizer junkie's paradise -- an entire store filled with boxes, bins, bags, racks, pegs, pouches, vessels, crates, files -- you name it.

If you're doing a major blitz on clutter or just want to straighten out your kitchen junk drawer, it's a great place to stop in -- if not to purchase, to glean ideas and tips.

To enter the giveaway, leave me a tip about organization in the comments section below. Or confess your organizational weaknesses.

I'd love to hear how you think organization -- or your lack thereof -- affects your bottom line.

Located at 4601 Creedmoor Road across from Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh's Container Store is one of two stores in North Carolina. The other store is in Charlotte.

For information on Container Store sales and promotions, check out the website HERE.

Right now, the store is offering a promotion that gives shoppers a $15 credit in June when you spend $100 or more in May.

Also worth noting: The store is offering weekend classes on packing suitcases for air travel, focusing on ways to travel light to avoid exceeding airline weight limits.

That's a big deal because if you go over, you face hefty fees. Go over the 50-pound limit and you could pay as much as $60 to $100 to check your bag. Go over the 70-pound limit and the fees skyrocket to as much as $200 per bag. Each way.

The 20-minute classes are at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday through June 24.


The gift card giveaway ends at midnight Tuesday, May 29. I'll pick one winner at random, using random.org. I'll post the winner Wednesday morning.

Be sure your N&O profile is up to date with a current email so I can contact you if you win.


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I'm fair.....

Those things that I have gotten around to organizing at home are in great shape. However, it's the things that aren't organized that cause me the most frustration. It is SO annoying to know that I bought something either free or really cheap, but then not be able to find it when I need it, and I end up buying it again, most likely at FULL price! Yikes!! Help me, Amy!



container store

i have terrible organizational skills. i used to be very good. but since i moved back to handle all of my mother's things and be her caregiver....my stuff got put in piles....now i cant find anything...i have piles of paperwork everywhere....things i have to do....i put off things until the last moment of my stuff b/c my  mother's stuff took priority and now i am swamped and cant find what i need of my stuff.....i tried putting things in different folders and as as the filo folders.

Container Store

The Container Store is inspirational!  Even if I don't buy all their nice things, I get ideas of organizational things I can make.  All these comments are so helpful.

 To help conquer magazine pile up, I first limit number of subscriptions to less than 5. I read the new one throughly the first time.  When next new issue comes, that is your reminder to go back to previous issue and only save articles you REALLY think useful (or none at all), then recycle that magazine.  You will always have only the current issue this way.  If you really want to save the entire magazine, go through and tear out all the advertising, and the mag will shrink in half!  Revisit them again if you get off track.

Container store

I would love to win.  I am in desperate need of some organization with bills, etc.  The paperwork is piling up and needs attention!


I work 5.5 days a week and my house is in terrible need of organization!

Container Store

Like many others, my problem is paper pileup.  And yes, it has cost me...expired gift cards, rebates, etc. I would love a trip to The Container Store!

Container Store Virgin

For some reason (probably to keep me from spending too much money!), I have never been to The Container Store.  I know I would love it though.  Whether or not I win the gift card, I am going to have an outing there soon.

One of my favorite organizational tricks that several of my friends have copied is that I use a motorized revolving tie rack to hold necklaces and bracelets.  It mounts right on the bar in my closet and only takes up about 5 inches of width on the bar.  It is so nice to just press a button and have everything spin around so I can pick out the piece that I want.

Everything in its place and a place for Everything

I get great satisfaction opening a drawer, closet door or filing cabinet and seeing order and tidyness - not to mention that it reduces stress when you need something in a hurry.  My hope is to pass on the merits of organization to my kids who are leaving the nest.  We'll be making a trip to the Container Store soon to find items for helping to organize themselves in their new homes.

if momma ain't happy

The more organized and de-cluttered the spaces around me are, the happier I am.  Of course, the more dis-organized and cluttered, the grumpier I am.  The bottom line is that everything runs more smoothly and I am even better able to think and work more efficiently when organized. 


I really need something to jump start my dejunking of the house. I'm drowning and Ithink it has affected my mood. HELP!!

I really need to organize my

I really need to organize my house.  My kids keep bring their junk home. If I won this conatainer gift card that would help to organize their stuff so they could take it back home.

Container store

I love my container store collapsable crates that I use in the trunk of my car to hold my reusable bags and groceries. They stay put and do not roll around.

The Container Store

I love, love, love their handled baskets!!!  I've got them corralling art and craft supplies for my kids, toiletries in the bathrooms and, most helpfully, spices and baking supplies in the kitchen.  It's so much easier to lift the whole basket down and see what I have that I haven't ended up with four containers of parsley and none of ground mustard in quite a while!  The baskets haven't had a huge effect on our bottom line, but they've definitely paid for themselves in minimizing duplicate purchases--I can see what's in the cupboards now!

Giftcard giveaway

I could really use this gift card.  My organization is a bit lacking :)  One thing I like to get for the kitchen and bathroom are the special hinges that allow you to turn the little cabinet panels in front of the sink into flip out drawers.  They're great for keeping a sponge, the toothpaste, whatever.

Getting Orgainized

When I moved recently, I went from a walk in pantry to a mini one, so I got a cool rack at the container store that goes on the door.  Its great for spices, cans, etc.  I lined the bottom of each shelf with a piece of cardboard, so small packages dont slip through.  A gift card would be great because I have lots of areas that still need organization, such as my garage.  It would be nice to be able to put a car in there someday!

The Container Store

I too love the container store! It has fun little gadgets, too. I would love a gift card. My newest faves are Martha Stewarts's freezer and dishwasher safe labels (at Staples). Now my tupperware and gladware containers will no longer have contents and dates from the last century!! Who k new permanent marker would last THAT long! Maybe TCS has their own labels-I did not notice on my previoius trips.

I love organization!

You can "organize" your dishwasher by putting all the forks/spoons/knives in their own slots so when you pull them out, it makes it super easy to put them away without having to sort them out!

The Container Store

I have just started a project converting photo's to the computer. I picked up some boxes at the container store that have been perfect for organizing the photos. Love this store!!

the container store is a wonderful place

I moved here in 1994 from a location that had a container store and how I missed it when I got here and there was not one - the whole city probably heard me squeal the first time I read that one was coming.

I measured the inside of my fridge and went to the container store with my tape measure and found containers, not necessarily the containers marketed for fridge storage, that fit my fridge with as little wasted space as possible. Now there is a place for everything and even my husband can find stuff. Now if only the rest of my house was as neat as my fridge.

Your junk may be a treasure for others

When organizing clutter or junk that has started to take over your home it is always good to remember to donate those items to charity have a garage sale or sale them for quick cash at a resale or consignment store.  Your junk can always be treasure to others.  Also schools and other community organizations may have exchange days you can look for new treasure while getting rid of yours.  When deciding what items in your home are clutter or junk if you have not touched it in certain amount of time, can't remember where it came from, wish it left the last time you decided to unclutter or you do not know who it belongs to in your home get rid of it.  The items that you do decide to keep a date on the container to make it easier to get rid of the next time.  Organizing items you don't use at all can sometimes create clutter for life.  Make your items you store functional for your family to use not just to store in a container to look and collect dust.   Use open top containers to make it easier to grab.  Clear containers are great but labels make a difference.

Toy Clutter!

I'm a little obsessed with organization for most areas of our house, but the toys have gotten the best of me. Somehow it seems new toys come in without old ones going out or the new ones are twice as big. I'm trying to relax my organizing obsession in this area though as I know I will be sad when the toys are gone and my little guy is all grown up.

I can never seem to organize magazines

I currently subscribe to several magazines, mainly decorating and cooking magazines,  I also have a great amount of books.  I just can't seem to find a way to organize all those books and magazines,  I've tried to rip out decorating pictures or recipes that I want to keep, however, it seems that it is always some reason why I want to hold on to the books/magazines for further reference,  I am overrun with books and magazines, in the bedroom, office and family room.  Could the container store really help.  We also keep our  medications in sight on the counter because out of sight seems out of mind.  That also adds to clutter.  Thank God we have no small children around.  Can this store help me?

The Container Store

Love The Container Store.  I like to use clear compartment boxes (usually used for crafts) to organize my countless number of earrings.  I organize them by color so I can grab quickly.

To stay organized on

To stay organized on paperwork (bills, insurance, etc.) I have a "to be filed" bin in our kitchen where the mail gets sorted. Then when it fills up I take it all upstairs to sort into our filing cabinet.


For our "junk" drawer in the kitchen, we have taken empty lunchmeat tubs (cleaned of course) to keep the little things in like pens, paperclips, scissors, etc.  It is easier to find stuff than rummaging through the drawer for loose stuff.

Container Store

I try to be as organized as possible while still living.  Perfection is unattainable and does not allow one to 'live' in their home.  Being organized means not buying something I already have in the pantry or the closet.  It also means not throwing away unused food items.

Container Store

The Container Store sounds like my dream store.  I love to have things organized but I am not always successful.  I have lots of Beanie Babies so I am always looking for unique storage containers for them.

The Container Store

I am in the process of cleaning out the clutter in my life and home.  I've just started in my attic and I sure could use some containers.  I would be delighted to win this gift card.

Container Store

I make sure to clean out our closets every few months - if we haven't worn it in a year or if it doesn't fit - it gets donated or given to a friend.  I love the Container Store - an organizers dream!

Organizing with stockpiling

My therapists have noticed that i am organized when they look at my pantry stockpiles; however, paper just mates and recreates in my small kitchen and living room.....The Container Store could help me a lot!!!!

Container store

Since I've been following your blog, I have been able to "stockpile" core items in my spare bedroom and its getting out of control! I must organize and rotate products in there to use them up before they expire, a GC to that store sure would help!

Container Store

Most people fall into one of 2 categories: file or pile. You either tend to have piles everywhere, or file it all away. I  am a combination of both, but lean towards the pile method. Drives my husband crazy. Would love to find creative ways to store more stuff!



I have so many coupons around my apartment that I don't seem to be  "saving" any space!!!  I love the Container Store. It Rocks!


I'm a sucker for big plastic boxes, and I have a preference for Rubbermaid.  However, I'm getting worn out on buying them.  It always seems like I need to go back to the store to use plastic to buy plastic to store plastic.  Argh!


I've been reorganizing our freezers lately. We have a chest freezer in the garage so things always gravitate to the bottom. I took everything out and took inventory of it so I'd know what I have and can start making meals with food I've already got, thus lowering our weekly grocery bill (I hope).

Adding to empty space in pantry

As with most walk-in pantries, mine only came with shelves on the back wall.  The side walls were empty but space is too narrow to put in the usual 12" deep shelving. 

Container Store has these great over the door shelf brackets that can hold around 10 wire baskets - some deep enough to hold 2 liter bottles, some with rounded edges the perfect size for cans of soup.  I bought two and screwed them to the wall stud of each side of my pantry with an excessive amount of screws so they will never come off.  So now I've added a bunch of space in my pantry that would have been wasted otherwise and made it very easy to access these items.

And a free idea is I'm collecting copy paper boxes from the five copiers at work (average one a week) to use for storing away items we want to keep but don't look at regularly in our spare room.  Since we always get the same brand the boxes match and perfectly line up to stack into rows.

Sharon from Raleigh


I have a dear friend that has truly inspired me to declutter and become more organized.  I am a LONG way from where she is right now.  Taking my steps one at a time but I will get there!

Getting Organized with the little things that you lose

I think my best organization tip is to get a hanging jewelry organizer and to put all of the odds and ends that normally are needed but get lost in a drawer around the house...extra buttons...batteries...matches...screws... tape...

There is a lot of time wasted for those odds and ends that you need infrequently.

The Container Store (TCS) is the best place to help you get organized.  It can be very addictive. I dream about having my entire house organized with their products.  I will name my next pet, Elfa! [Those really into TCS will giggle!]

Container Store

I think I am pretty well orgainized but the paper mess seems to creep up on me and sometimes takes over the "desk" (the dining room table) - I would LOVE to be able to sort/organize this better.

Also - thanks for the note about the weekend classes on packing - my daughter will be studying overseas for a year and I am wondering how everything is going to get there without costing a fortune.

Container store

I am in the process of de-cluttering my house.  It is such a job, but I find myself taking things out of the give/throw away boxes, so I am not making as much progress as I wanted. Some containers/organizers would be helpful.

Thanks Amy for all your good work.

Clear shoe racks

One organizing trick we have in our arsenal is clear over-the-door hanging shoe racks.  But instead of shoes, we use it for LOTS of other stuff.  Case in point: we have one on the inside of our office closet, and hubby uses it to store various electronic devices, like wires, small computer parts,etc.  The bonus is that we can label each shoe pocket to state what the pocket is holding (i.e. "Mini to USB cables").  So not only do you have an instant visual of what is in the pocket, the label confirms it as well.  I LOVE that!  And I love the container store too!

Container Store

I am with everyone else on the paper organizing.  I am not good at all at organizing it.  I have stacks everywhere.  I try the "OHIO" trick, but it doesn't work for me.  Only Handle It Once  

I need the Container Store for my garage!  It is a disaster!  I just need to get rid of things and get the other things off the ground!

Motivation for decluttering

Talk about being motivated to de-clutter...just let my son (38 yo who lives in VA) mention that he and his wife MIGHT come next week-end and, in order not to be embarrassed by my disorganization (sounds better than clutter), I really get in forward gear and get my house cleaned up!! But 'heaven forbid' that he show up THIS week-end (which he has been known to do), I have a whole lot 'a 'splaining to do! The best solution to this problem is to stay one week ahead and hope he comes before it gets messed up again!!


Tip: Give away or throw out things you no longer need or use. Less to organize = less work!

Container WHORE, hee hee

OMG, I love the container store.  Organization affects by bottom line because when I'm not on top of my game, I find myself buying things that I already own. No matter how small, that's wasted money. Using containers helps me quickly see what I have and what I don't in my closets.

Lately I've been using technology to help my organizational skills. I use GroceryIQ to track my grocery list and prices. My husband has it on his phone, so we can view the same list...a good way to get him to pick up things while he's out.  I also use Evernote for general to-do lists, and things I need to remember.


Repurpose for Organization!

My favorite organizational tip is repurposing old items into new uses!  My most recent success was taking an old door-hanging pocket shoe rack (the fabric/plastic kind) and hung it on my cleaning closet door and put all my cleaning supplies in it!  Now, they are off the floor and where I can see what each one is.  Here is the finished product: http://lifelovecoupons.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/i-heart-organization/


Have expandable file folders, one for each kid, to store all the paper that comes home for the year. Clear out at the end of the year and your ready for a new year.


I love containers that are transparent.  That is the only way I will buy them because they are see-through!  I'm getting better on organization.  My main problem is PAPER!


container store

I have clutter issues.  I have weaknesses for books & games, we have some from when I was little, we have all the ones my kids have accumulated ... I'm sure *something* at the Container Store would help organize these items. 

I need this

I need help with paper.  I have lost, found, and then lost again receipts I had for things I bought for the PTA which I needed in order to get reimbursed.  I have too much paper clutter and not enough time to figure out how to tame it.  I could really use the gift card!

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