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Check your Harris Teeter E-Vic account for free items

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Be sure to check your Harris Teeter E-Vic account today.

You may have received two digital coupons for two completely free items.

I received an E-Vic coupon for a free box of Fiber One Protein Chewy Bars, up to $4.50 in value.

And I also received a coupon for a free box of Pillsbury Toaster Struedels, up to $3.25 in value.

If you're not familiar with the E-Vic digital coupons, which sometimes are referred to as ZVRs, you'll find a link to them in your weekly Harris Teeter email.

Click to save these coupons and they will be linked to your loyalty card.

Many of the digital coupon offerings are the same, but oftentimes some folks receive a slightly different set of digital coupons.

One other note: Be sure to check your receipt before you leave the store. Harris Teeter has had problems with its digital coupon program and sometimes, the coupons don't show up. Customer service will gladly refund you the money you are owed.

What freebies, if any, did you receive from Harris Teeter?


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Be Careful

As always, watch your ZVR savings at the end. My store (Chatham Downs in Chapel Hill) has been having issues with their system. My Fiber One discount and my taco seasoning discount did not come off. It took about 5 minutes to fix the Fiber One issue, and I didn't even bother with the McCormick seasoning because it wasn't worth the hassle.

Free Items

Just be careful on that 'free' Pillsbury cookie dough. If you read carefully it continues onto the 'More Info' page, mine states ONE PACKAGE (up to $4.00) any variety Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookie Dough when...you buy ONE PACKAGE. So it's a BOGO, not a true freebie - at least on my page.

3 freebies

I got three freebies - the Fiber One Chewy Protein Bars, the Pillsbury Toaster Streudels, and Pillsbury Cookie Dough.

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