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BP offers gasoline discount for loyal customers

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Save yourself some money at the gas pump -- a nickel per gallon at a time -- with a new loyalty program launched by BP.

After pumping at least 20 gallons over two trips to a BP station, you'll shave a nickel off per gallon on your next fill-up -- up to 20 gallons.

BP Driver Rewards is available at BP stations across the country. All you need is a loyalty card, which you can pick up free at any BP station. Or request a card online at bpdriverrewards.com.

The rewards accumulate automatically and may be redeemed in as little as an hour after being earned. Or save the rewards and take a bigger discount later. Just don't let them expire. They're good for 90 days following the month the're earned.

To get you started, BP is offering folks a one-time 10-cent per gallon reward for signing up.

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