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A way to score cheaper gasoline

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With gas prices in the Triangle hovering at about $3.75 per gallon, Kroger has got perfect timing on its gasoline rewards program.

Now through April 7, you can score yourself up to $1 off per gallon much more quickly with enhanced fuel rewards.

Here's how the promotion works: 

When you make a gift card purchase, Kroger will give you four times the value of the cards in fuel rewards or double the normal amount.

That means if you buy a $50 gift card to Macy's, for example, you'll earn 200 fuel points, which will give you a 20-cent per gallon discount on a tank of gasoline, up to 35 gallons.

A $250 purchase in gift cards would earn you a $1 per gallon discount, the maximum allowed.

Be sure to choose gift cards to stores where you know you'll be shopping anyway and use the cards like cash. That way you won't be spending any extra money and your gas savings will be a boost to your budget.

Kroger sells gift cards for dozens of merchants, including iTunes, Lowe's Home Improvement, Bass Pro Shops, Sears, Gap, Chili's and JCPenney. Kroger gift cards don't qualify for the deal.

Fuel rewards earned in March must be used by April 30. Rewards earned in April are good through May 31.

I took advantage of this the last time Kroger offered the deal around Christmas and got the full $1 discount. The gift cards were Christmas gifts. At the time gasoline was about $3.25 per gallon so I paid $2.25 per gallon to fill my minivan. What a thrill.

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