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A giveaway for coupon and rebate lovers

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I've been lucky enough to score several new mail-in rebates and coupons lately so I thought I would share the wealth.

Leave me a comment or question about couponing and consider yourself entered to win an envelope jammed full of my latest and greatest finds.

There are restaurant freebies, hard-to-find mail-in rebates sponsored by the beer companies and other assorted coupons I've managed to collect. (The beer company rebates, by the way, do NOT require a beer purchase.)

I'll pick one winner at random on Friday afternoon and announce it on the blog Saturday morning.

Among the coupons and rebates I'm giving away:

  • $6 mail-in rebate on pizza
  • $3 mail-in rebate on meat
  • $3 mail-in rebate on snack foods
  • a Bojangles mystery gift card
  • $5/$25 to Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Free McDonald's Happy Meal with the purchase of a Value Meal
  • Free Taco from Taco Bell

Good luck!


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Coupons and Deals

cyber monday deals and coupons


Great information post i give you some more information that people are now getting more and more cost conscious because of rising prices and therefore they are attracted to online shopping. Online Shopping gives the people opportunity to shop for variety of online coupons and delas while sitting at home and save time and cost.


Great information post i

Great information post i give you some more information that people are now getting more and more cost conscious because of rising prices and therefore they are attracted to online shopping.

I do use coupons and share my results with my eight grandkids

Enjoy you so much.  Miss rebating as it is veryhard if not impossible to find the beer rebates lately.  I do use all i get and share with family and church and even neighbors.  I am not a milk drinker  but love getting Smart Balane free and giving to the needy.  Looking for forward to possibly being a winner.  THANKS for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fingers Crossed.

Thank you, Amy.

Did not mean to post twice.



I've been couponing for about 8 months and I totally depend on your website to ensure I get the best deals, which is why I check it everyday. Thanks for all you do Amy!


I'm more of a coupon person, but if there is a good rebate, definitely go for those as well.

Read Daily

Love your column.  You have saved me lots of $ and I thank you for that.  Rebates are scarce these days, so I would love to win!

Rebate giveaway

Rebates seem like more work than coupons, but I appreciate both.


You do a great job and all the info you provide is very usefull! I love couponing with your help!

Yours is one of 3 or 4 sites

Yours is one of 3 or 4 sites I view every single day!  You provide an invaluable service!  I've been doing coupons and deals all my life.  For many years, couponing felt like a lonely and boring activity.  Thanks to you and others, saving money is now less of a chore and sometimes even fun!

New reader

I am a new reader of your blog and have already saved a pile of money. Thanks for your hard work!!!

2 year old with N&O

Started couponing 2 years ago when I realized that someone at the N&O would help with the hard work.  I am so glad that you have continued this blog, made it your own and gone to Sunday AND Wednesday deal lists.  I now forward your information to about 40 people, some of whom I have met at doctors offices and made a believer out of people at the General Assembly!!

Thanks for your hard work!!

Pick me!

I would love to win.
Pick me!!

Love the NBPR Rebates

Rebates are one of my favorite ways of couponing, Love to buy things and then turn them into real money. I have a special account just for rebates. Love to see that account grow and also my new SavingStar account grow too. Love your site. I hope to take your class one day. I missed last year because of the snow/ice event and this last one was on a weekend I work. Thanks Amy for all you do! The beer rebates are very hard to come by in this area.


I've learned about a lot of coupons and deals from your blog. One of the first was the free digital photo collage at Walgreens late last year; thanks to you my parents LOVED the collage I made for them of their (then) 5-month-old grandson. If I can get my act together I'm going to take advantage of the free digital prints at Target you mentioned this week, too.

Thanks for all you do. I don't have time to read many blogs these days but yours is totally worth my while.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for all that you do to help us live within our budgets! You're the best!

rebates and coupons

I really enjoy reading your blogs every day with all the insightful comments and information of discounts and store deals.  I have saved so much money doing this!! Thanks!!

Gotta Love Rebates!

I used to find more rebate forms in the stores, but not lately. Would love to win some!


Thanks for all you do for couponing!  I'm working on teaching my new daughter in law and she loves your blog!


I love following your posts!  Thanks for doing a super job.

This blog is the

This blog is the best.... 

I read it everyday and love the links to printable coupons.  Have you ever ran into a situation where you had two items that qualified for rebates on the same receipt, but the rebate required you to send the original receipt, not a copy?  If so, how did you handle?

coupons & rebates

As a single mom, I began couponing to simply make ends meet!  I've learned a lot from reading your blog, and am always picking up new tips. 

I would absolutely LOVE the rebate forms an q's.  Thanks for the chance to win!!


I really appreciate your blog!  I used to go through the ads and match up coupons to sales every week, and then I had a baby and had NO time to do it myself - your blog helps me keep up my frugal ways post-baby!

Coupons & Rebates

I love your blog and save so much money with your help. I would love to win!


I would love to win coupons!  Your blog is wonderful

Love your blog and 2 comments

I love your blog and have learned so much since moving to the Triangle area last July.  You have helped me figure out how the numerous grocery stores work and give us great deals.  Two things that I recently learned and hope to help others learn:

1.  Recently went to a Chic-fil-a who in the past honored 2-3 calendar coupons.  I was told I could only use one.  That was fine, but I emailed corporate to find out the policy and they said that although the coupons read "one per customer" (which I never noticed), it was up to the indivdual owners how they would handle coupons.

2.  Thanks to your blog, I began to click on links on the N&O site.  I realized that I could subscribe to receive more than ONE Sunday paper!  Being a devout couponer, I was going to the store each week and paying $4 for two extra Sunday papers JUST for the coupons.  I am now getting my 2 extra papers for $2 total AND they are being delivered.  Wooo...Hooo!

Thanks again for all you do and post to help us out!

Coupons & rebates

That coupon / rebate envie sounds fabulous !  I am a long time couponer and rebate fan. Back in the 50s and 60s we just called them refunds...can you imagine putting a stamp on an envelope requesting a 50 cent refund ?  Postage might have been 6 or 7 cents back then

Pick me I have a 13 yr old grandaughter that loves Taco Bell





Bojangles deals seem particularly elusive.  Would love sometihng there!

Couponing is a balance

I must balance value of couponing with the value of my time. Sometime weeks I just don't get to my coupons, but that's ok.


I started to get serious about saving money with coupons about a decade ago. In those days, Kroger would have coupon specials about once a month with Super Doubles or Triple Coupons. I am pleased that Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods still have those coupon events, since Kroger has not held one in years. In addition, I have learned how to leverage birthdays clubs for freebies every year and am able to go to the movies on the cheap almost every time (and I go often) thanks to memberships, free screenings and matinees (while not indulging in the concession stand). The Centsible Saver blog has been an invaluable resource for keeping me up to date on sales, events and specials that I am not always able to keep track of myslef, so I appreciate your efforts Amy. Thanks.


I love the variety of information you provide.  Grocery, drugstore, bigbox, restaurant, online. . . . Thanks!

enjoy your column

Love checking out your blog & do so most days.  Live in Apex so it often really helps out.  Would be interested in Trader Joe's or Whole foods (as someone else suggested).  Thanks for your hard work!


How would you advise someone to organize their store receipts and/or barcodes for mail-in rebates?  I have noticed that sometimes there are date restrictions when items must be purchased between certain dates, but I've also noticed that sometimes a rebate only asks for the product bar code and you don't have to mail a receipt.  I have found that sometimes I had just thrown away a barcode that I could have used for a rebate.  I am very interested in your advice on if you think it is worth the time to try and save barcodes and if so, how do you think would be the best way to organize them?    

Hard to find

Rebate forms are getting harder and harder to find around here.  The stars have to align just right.  Thanks for sharing the wealth.

Great job!

Thanks for all the hard work.  And aacisme's idea is a pretty good one. A lot more work for you, but a good idea nonetheless.

And count me in for anything that involves Bo's.


Would you consider adding organic deals or deals at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Trader Joe's to your weekly lists?

Thanks and thank you for all of your work on the deals!

Love your blog!  Hope I win

Love your blog!  Hope I win the coupons! :-)

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