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A Black Friday weekend GIVEAWAY....3 readers will win a CiCi's buffet for two!

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It's Friday, but not just any old Friday, so let's celebrate with a giveaway.

I've got six FREE CiCi's Pizza buffets up for grabs. Three winners will each win passes for two free buffets.

To enter, simply leave me a comment about your Black Friday weekend exploits.

I'd love to hear about the bargains you scored, but don't feel limited to your tales of shopping. Also feel free to tell me about a family outing to choose your Christmas tree, a donation you made to charity or what you're selling on craigslist to make money for the holidays.

If you slept in, watched movies or put out holiday decorations, I want to hear about that, too. Just PLEASE don't tell me you paid full price for anything!

I'll pick three winners at noon on Monday.

If you want to check for your nearest CiCi's Pizza location, go here.

If you're already a CiCi's fan, you may want to consider signing up for its Pizza Perks program, which I wrote about here.

CiCi's has also joined a growing list of restaurants offering gift card deals for the holidays. When you buy $20 in CiCi's gift cards, you get a FREE buffet. Not bad.


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Black Friday

As our tradition, my family and I hit the Southpoint Mall at 4 AM.  It just wasn't the same, since a lot of the stores opened at Midnight.  We always enjoyed being in that first group into the store. It may be the end to our tradition ! Oh well, we had a good run !

Low key Black Friday

We didn't really see anything in the big deals that was worth getting up early for. We went out in the afternoon, wandered around Target, Sam's Club and Walmart, where we picked up a pair of jeans at less than $8 for my eldest son.

Black Friday

Well, I got to work on Black Friday, today, and again tomorrow. I did take time out for a bike ride yesterday and again today. With any luck, I will get to ride again tomorrow. Great way to may room for some free food!

Black Friday

My first time going at midnight for Black Friday but Target has some of the big ticket items I wanted and I talked my husband into going with me and we got in the long line at Target at11:30 but got in the store quickly and was able to get 3 big items that I wanted for my grandkids and saved myself 177.00 in the process so was happy about that--Only took about 45 minutes and we checked out in 10 minutes so was very happy!!! We did this at midnight after I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family and had 30 plus people in my house to eat but it was some wonderful family time and after that it was shopping time. Did Belk's on Black Friday morning and get some steals for clothes for my husband and today I did CVS and Walgreens and got everything I wanted and was really susprised since I waited until the last day to score those deals. Thanksgiving and Black Friday was awesome for me!!!!!

Black Friday Giveaway

I scored some great deals at CVS, and all the stuff that they didn't have... I got rainchecks! So I'll be able to celebrate even after the holidays are over. Other than that, we stayed at home and relaxed. We'll see if Cyber Monday brings any good deals worth getting.

black friday

I took home some free stuff from the drugstores on Thursday, and mid-morning on Friday I made a few stops to get things I wanted for toy drive at the office plus 2 items DH asked me to pick up for him. No lines anywhere. Successful trip, in my estimation. :-)

Black Friday entertainment

Okay, I can't resist... I developed a kidney stone last week so unfortunately I'm spending Black Friday weekend popping pain pills so I can take care of our 4-month-old son while my husband (a park ranger) is at work. I went through all of the Black Friday ads in Thursday's paper for entertainment, but since one of the painkillers I'm taking is a narcotic I can't drive anywhere even if I felt well enough. I'm going to try to take advantage of the free photo collage online at Walgreens today but that's probably all I'll be able to do.

Feel better, dpharvey! If

Feel better, dpharvey! If anyone has a good excuse for skipping Black Friday, it's you!

Restaurant Deal

My favorite deal is the Bonefish Grill buy $100 in gift cards, get $20. My husband and I love to eat there, and they send nice coupons a few times a year. It's not limited to Black Friday, but it was my deal of the day. I bought two sets and they break down the gift cards however you like. Perfect gifts, yum yum.

Love gift card deals! My

Love gift card deals! My favorite to get and give!

BF dealing

Made lists of the CVS/RA/Wags deals in advance, and suggested to the fam that it would be convenient to stop at these stores en route to our Thanksgiving family gathering.  They are familiar with this, and were not excited about it, so we compromised.  I got up early Th and although RA was not open at 7 as expected, I did shop at CVS early to get that one out of the way.  That was my longest list anyway.  The fam did agree to stop at Walgreens en route to visit family.  Never made it to Rite Aid, but that's ok.  On Friday morning, I trudged through a mall, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy with the fam for the deals they were interested in.  Perhaps my wording hints that crowds and waiting in long lines are not my favorite, but we were spending time together.  :-)  The weather was (is still) beautiful, so long afternoon walks in the sunshine have also been a highlight for me this weekend.

Glad you got your CVS and

Glad you got your CVS and Walgreens deals! I'm with you on crowds and lines....not my idea of a good time!

Black Friday-ish

Stayed up to get Midnight deals at Gamestop (Heavy Rain for $15) and Target ($19 coffee makers and $3.99 Pulp Fiction Blurays).  Barely had to wait in line and both great deals!

black friday

all week i had been making my list, i went out wed afternoon to the drugstores but did not go anywhere friday. just could not take the crowds and i really did not see anything that i really needed that was a good deal. there were people in front of  hhgregg wed morn. people were in line at old navy abt 7pm just to get the camera which was not that great a camera. i dont think there were great deals this yr. ace did not have the deals they ususally have. 

Pizza Giveaway

Up at 5:30 to go to Office Max.

Thankful for all the shoppers...

because hiking around Lake Johnson this afternoon was glorious.  There were few people there and perfect weather.  Gotta love it!

We stayed out of the stores

We stayed out of the stores today so we saved $ that way! :) I did get a great deal on diapers and wipes at Diapers.com by stacking several coupon codes. Best of all, they'll be delivered to my door!

New Laser Printer

I got an incredible deal on a laser printer at Staples after also applying rewards. Yay for the gift that will keep giving by printing COUPONS!


I skipped Black Friday because we were driving home from visiting family.  :)  I didn't see deals good enough to get me out of bed early.


Weekend deals

As I didn't need anything major, I skipped the late night shopping and went out around 5:00 am. Got some great deals at A.C. Moore with the 30% off coupon on things I use every holiday season. The great thing about going out early this morning instead of last night is that the longest I stood in line was for about five minutes. I thought I'd miss out on the deals by not going out at midnight but I found everything I was looking for AND avoided the crowds.

Buffett giveaway

I also have to work all weekend, thankfully not in retail.
I'll seek out bargains next week.


i shopped at CVS Thanksgiving day and paid only 35.00 for 135.00 worth of merchadise-  I work 14 hours black friday!

Digital Picture Frame at Kohls

I sent my husband out to Kohls at midnight last night for the 9" digital photo frame in the ad. It was normally $150, on sale for $70, I had 15% off coupon, and there is a $30 mail in rebate. Since we were actually paying $70 at the store we even got $15 Kohl's cash. So in the end we'll have spent $33 and I have $15 Kohls cash. Definitely worth staying up a little late!

Love your multi-layered

Love your multi-layered deal. And I also love that you sent the husband out to get it!

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