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Grammar Guide quiz: Word choice, fashion and home decor edition


I've written the 50th Grammar Guide quiz. This one is based on words we often see used incorrectly in fashion and home decor stories. They are common words that are easily mistyped and overlooked. As usual, I have written an explanation for each answer so you will get feedback as you check your answers. The explanations are the same whether you answered correctly or not.

Click here or on the question mark icon to begin. Have fun and post a comment below if you wish.

Word choice: It's the opposite of what you mean

A sentence in an Associated Press story about the plane crash that killed former Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska stopped me this morning:

Stevens became a protege to the younger O'Keefe and they remained close friends over the years.

Try a new quiz at the Grammar Guide


I have a new quiz for you to try. It comprises 10 sentences, about half of them have to do with word choice, a couple are about grammar and at least one is about idioms. To satisfy the purists, I should not call this a grammar quiz because it is mostly about usage and style, but "grammar" is the shorthand term I use.

As always, I look for your comments, questions, criticisms and quibbles. Please leave a comment below. Click here or on the question mark icon to begin.

Sarah Palin, "refudiate" and new words

Commentators are having a field day with Sarah Palin's use of "refudiate" in television appearance and in a Twitter post that has been deleted.

A Grammar Guide word usage quiz

grammar-quiziconTry this Grammar Guide quiz (it's Quiz No. 47) on word usage. Click on the question mark to begin. I've set up this quiz so I can receive the results as readers complete it. Rest assured that I merely get a report with no identifying information. I want to see how many people take it, though.

Defending a perfectly good word

An online reader comment on a headline prompts this post in defense of a word.

The Grammar Guide Quiz returns! And it's supersized!

A new 10-question Grammar Guide Quiz is up.

Word of the year lists

I  am a fan of word of the year lists. They give us insight into our times. They also give us grist for the blog mill. 

Word watch: Dilemma

A colleague pointed out some loose usage in this passage:

Your house may soon be overrun by holiday weekend houseguests. As the host, you'll have a dilemma: what to feed them.

Word of the year: Unfriend

The New Oxford American Dictionary's publishers have chosen the 2009 word of the year.

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