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"Post Mortem" shows CSI isn't reality TV

The CNN special "Rogue Justice" (inspired by the reporting of the N&O's Mandy Locke and Joe Neff) gave a riveting look at justice denied when the state's crime lab withheld evidence.

Tonight, there's an equally compelling companion piece to that report. "Post Mortem" (UNC-TV, 9 p.m.) investigates the dysfunction among death investigators -- coroners and forensic pathologists whose errors can condemn the innocent or let the guilty go free.

UNC-TV to televise opening of 2011 General Assembly


Tomorrow at noon UNC-TV will broadcast the opening session of the North Carolina House of Representatives live, followed at approximately 1:30pm by taped coverage of the opening of the North Carolina Senate.

Weekly coverage of the legislature on "North Carolina Now Legislative Review" begins on Friday, January 28, at 7:30pm on UNC-TV.

"NC Bookwatch" to rebroadcast Reynolds Price interview

In light of the recent passing of renowned North Carolina author Reynolds Price, "NC Bookwatch" will rebroadcast their 2009 interview with the writer this Saturday.

Price appeared in an October 2009 episode discussing his third memoir, "Ardent Spirits: Leaving Home, Coming Back," in which he covered the time of his life spent at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and the years leading up to the publication of his first novel, "A Long and Happy Life."

Here's what the UNC-TV press release said about the book and the interview back in 2009:

Danger Will Robinson! "Pioneers of Television" may be too much fun

If you're reading this blog, you're a fan of TV, and as a fan you'll be sure to enjoy the second season of PBS' "Pioneers of Television" (UNC-TV, 8 tonight) a four-part series airing Tuesdays that starts with a look at classic science fiction.

Kelsey Grammer narrates the series, and the sci-fi episode is delightful. It gives a history of the top storytellers of the genre: Gene Roddenberry, Irwin Allen and Rod Serling, who created "Star Trek," "Lost in Space," and "The Twilight Zone" respectively. While Serling and Roddenberry wanted to tell stories with meaning, Allen was all about action.

Seems the early days of television are not much different than nowadays; "Lost in Space" for instance, was forced to get campy, the show reveals, when the super-campy "Batman" became a hit.

What to Watch on Wednesday: Transplanting "Grey's" to the jungle

UPDATED: For info on coverage of tonight's memorial service in Tucson, read this.

Live to Dance (8pm 9pm, CBS) - The 18th act is announced and two acts advance to the next round. We'll be posting recaps of this show starting tomorrow. Update: President Obama will speak at a memorial service in Tucson tonight between 8 and 9pm, moving this show to 9pm ET.

Marching Once More (8pm, UNC-TV) - A new locally produced documentary about a reunion of veterans (three of them from North Carolina) commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Europe. "North Carolina's WWII Experience" airs after this at 9pm. Read more.

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - Mitchell and Cameron have a chance encounter with Mitchell's old girlfriend (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Gloria's efforts to befriend another couple annoy Jay. All ABC sitcoms are new tonight.

Off the Map (10pm, ABC) - The premiere episode of another Shonda Rhimes doc drama, this one set in the jungles of South America. It has Zach Gilford from "Friday Night Lights," but mostly, it's just a ripoff of "Grey's Anatomy" moved to a jungle (and "Grey's" is miles better). Check out our full review.

Law & Order: SVU (10pm, NBC) - A woman (A.J. Cook) is raped by a masked man and her partner is severely beaten by him. The injured woman's estranged father, played by Jeremy Irons, is notified of the incident. When police question him, they find themselves confronting an uncooperative man with a sordid past.

UNC-TV to air two locally produced WWII docs

Good news for those who missed last month's premiere of "North Carolina's WWII Experience": UNC-TV's excellent World War II documentary will repeat tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 12) at 9pm.

But just before that encore presentation, UNC-TV will debut another locally produced World War II documentary, "Marching Once More."

"Marching Once More" was shot in Belgium and Luxembourg in 2004 and follows 100 veterans as they return for the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, a battle in which 19,000 Americans lost their lives.

Three local veterans were in that group of 100 travelers: Chris Christensen from Southport (99th Infantry Division), Hank Zimmerman, formerly of Oak Island (101st Airborne), and Canton’s Dick Alexander (83rd Infantry Division).

A year after the quake, "Battle for Haiti" shows a different devastation

It should have been made clear during all the reportage of last year's earthquake that the natural disaster was just the latest devastation of Haiti. The island nation's extreme poverty, corruption and violence has ruined the proud land.

But the earthquake did even more to undermine the country and on the one-year anniversary of the quake, Frontline's "Battle for Haiti" (UNC-TV, 9 tonight) shines a light on an issue that could upend the international aid efforts and harm stability: during the quake more than 4,500 violent criminals escaped the National Penitentiary.

UNC-TV changing children's programming lineup for 2011

UNC-TV has announced that starting Monday, January 3, they will be changing their daily television lineup.

From noon to 4pm each weekday, UNC-TV will air how-to programs on art, cooking, crafts, gardening, home improvement, and more.

The station says the lineup changes will better serve their adult viewers.

"This change is part of a strategic effort to offer four distinct channels to serve our diverse viewership better than ever: flagship UNC-TV, UNC-KD Kids Channel, UNC-EX The Explorer Channel, and UNC-MX Eclectic Mix (digital cable only)."

UNC-TV will still show children's programming on the main channel from 7am to noon, but the bulk of their children's programming can be found on UNC-KD. Many of the programs on UNC-KD will be repeats from the UNC-TV morning schedule, but "Barney" and "The Electric Company" are moving exclusively to UNC-KD.

Read more about the changes at

More on "North Carolina's WWII Experience"

UNC-TV is debuting a really terrific documentary, "North Carolina's WWII Experience," tonight at 8 p.m. 

We ran a review of it in today's paper and also have a gallery of images featuring participants in the documentary (while you're at it, check out the gallery of Pearl Harbor images).

Bill Henderson, a Democrat native who now lives in Raleigh, is in the photo here. The UNC-TV bio for Henderson, who served with the 28th Marines, 5th Division, says this: 

One of those interviews you never forget, Henderson brought the crew to tears with his account of the battle at Iwo Jima. A proud Marine who was Operations Officer during that horrible fight, he describes in vivid detail the change in Japanese defensive tactics which caught U.S. forces off guard. As part of the fourth wave ashore, Henderson and his men came under massive, blistering attack from an enemy hunkered down in caves and pillboxes. Many men lost their lives. The subsequent capture of Mount Suribachi and the now-famous raising of the American flag on its peak, was just the beginning. Another amazing storyteller. 

For more bios, courtesy of UNC-TV, read below.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Christmas 'Glee' and World War II

North Carolina's WWII Experience (8pm, UNC-TV) - A wonderful documentary produced by UNC-TV in which North Carolina veterans and other citizens recall experiences from World War II, both at home and abroad.

Inside the Actors Studio (8pm, Bravo) - Actor James Franco chats about his life and career in an interview with James Lipton.

Glee (8pm, Fox) - In the show's Christmas episode, Finn tries to bring holiday cheer to McKinley High, and Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa. Also, Sue Sylvester hijacks the teachers' Secret Santa tradition.

Minute to Win It (8pm, NBC) - Tonight's games have a Christmas theme. Followed by "The Biggest Loser," in which the season's two finalists are named.

Raising Hope (9pm, Fox) - Jimmy pleads with Burt to save a special doll for Hope during his annual scheme of scalping the season's hottest toy, and Virginia campaigns to get the family in their church's living nativity scene.

Warehouse 13 (10pm, Syfy) - Pete and Myka investigate robberies linked to a malevolent Santa Claus while Artie reunites with his father (Judd Hirsch) on Hanukkah.

Detroit 1-8-7 (10pm, ABC) - Della Reese guest stars as the mother of a long-missing young black man whose remains, along with those of a young white woman, are found in an abandoned fallout shelter. Longford and Mahajan's investigation is helped by an unlikely source: Longford's estranged father, a former cop.

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