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All about lightning

For me, the most exciting weather event is a good thunderstorm. It doesn’t have to be severe. I just like lots of lightning and thunder. Intuitively, we understand there’s power involved, and Ben Franklin was kind enough to demonstrate that it is electrical power. But why does it happen to begin with?


With the blizzard warnings up for the eastern New England states and the rest of the Northeast under a winter storm warning, you may hear or read the term “thunder-snow” in weather discussions today. Some people in the triangle actually heard thunder-snow for themselves back in January with our first winter storm of the year.

Thunder in Winter

Last week, Marie in Apex asked “Is there any truth to the possibility of snow following 7-10 days after a winter thunderstorm?” There’s a long standing old wives’ tale that says that if you hear thunder in winter, you’ll have snow within 7 – 10 days. So, why don’t we have snow?

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