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Harris Teeter gets 'top 10' status from Consumer Reports

The May issue of Consumer Reports delivers some great news for Harris Teeter.

The Matthews, N.C.-based grocery store chain ranked in the top 10 among 52 supermarkets ranked by more than 24,000 readers.

Other top ranked stores that do business in the Triangle: Trader Joe's and Costco.

Wednesday deals (March 7-13)

This week's supermarket headlines definitely belong to Food Lion, which is offering its first-ever double-coupon event in the Triangle. Click here to find out about those deals.
But at Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods, where double coupons are the norm, there are some equally good bargains to be had -- if not better deals in some cases.
How about a dozen eggs for 24 cents? Or a large jar of peanut butter for 60 cents?
Read on for all the very best deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. For easier comparison, I've also included Sunday's Kroger deals at the bottom of the post.

Wednesday deals (Feb. 29-March 6)

There's no shortage of bargains to go after at the grocery stores this week with impressive deals at each of the stores -- many of them under $1. How do you like the sound of eggs for 97 cents a dozen, grapes for 97 cents a pound, toothpaste for a quarter, and a one-pound package of bacon for 49 cents?
In addition, Harris Teeter has got dozens of BOGO sales going on and with any luck, this weekend's coupons will match up with some of those sales. And Lowes Foods has launched an enhanced Fuel Rewards program that you'll want to take a look at. Aldi has its usual assortment of bargain-priced produce. And all of the stores have sales this week on fresh or frozen chicken.

Read on for all the very best deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion, Aldi and Kroger. For easier comparison, I've included Sunday's Kroger deals at the bottom of the post.

What NOT to buy at the grocery store

I'm a huge advocate of using coupons to save money. It's my job, of course, but I also go home and practice what I teach. I clip paper coupons, load digital coupons  onto my store loyalty cards and match coupons to sales to make our money stretch even farther.

But coupons are only one way to save money. If you really want to live the frugal life -- or circumstances are requiring a more frugal lifestyle -- take a good hard look at what you're putting in your grocery cart.

Would your purchases pass "the grandma test?"

In other words, would your grandmother or great-grandmother have spent her precious household money on some of the items in your cart -- or even recognize them?

Wednesday deals (Feb. 22-28)

Among the grocery store headlines this week: Cheap milk, a stock-up price on frozen veggies, a $1 sale and store-brand specials galore. There's even a chance to win a year's supply of FREE milk.

Keep reading for all the details and a roundup of the very best deals at each store. I've included Sunday's Kroger deals at the end of the list to making comparison shopping easier for you.

Happy bargain hunting! And if you find a deal while you're out and about, please share it in the comments section. That way, we can all save even more.

Wednesday deals (Feb. 15-21)

The big news at the grocery stores this week is Harris Teeter's Super Doubles promotion, which starts today and comes just as Lowes Foods finishes up its inaugural Super Doubles promo.

For a complete list of all the best deals during Harris Teeter's Super Doubles event, click here. I've got a comprehensive list tailored to Triangle shoppers, matching our store prices with the coupons we received here.

Beyond Super Doubles, it's a light week for deals, though there are a few bargains worth an extra trip to the store.

Among the deals that caught my eye:

  • Tribe hummus for $1.75 at Lowes Foods
  • Grapes for 99 cents per pound at Food Lion
  • Campbell's Chunky soup for 75 cents per can at Food Lion
  • Pizza dough balls for 99 cents at Harris Teeter
  • Pepsi 2 liters for 80 cents at Harris Teeter

Read on for all the highlights. For easy comparison, I've also included Sunday's Kroger deals at the bottom of the post.

As always, feel free to add any great deals you spot while you're out and about shopping. That way, we can all save more.

UPDATED: Harris Teeter Super Doubles good deals list

Updated 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Harris Teeter's Super Doubles coupon promotion starts Wednesday and runs through Feb. 21 with lots of potential for super good deals. In many cases, we're talking freebies and items for under $1.

I've compiled a comprehensive list specifically tailored to Triangle shoppers by walking the aisles of my local Harris Teeter in Apex to verify prices and sale dates.

If the deal is based on a regular-priced item, I've noted that on the list. If the deal is part of a sale that is continuing, I've indicated that information as well.

All of the coupons listed are among those we received here in the Triangle, along with readily available printables, magazine and tearpad coupons.

Click "read more" for the list.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles confirmed for this week

Harris Teeter is confirming that it will indeed host a Super Double coupon promotion, starting Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Harris Teeter's corporate Twitter account tweeted the news about an hour ago:

Need a little pick me up? SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS are BACK! From Feb. 15-21, we will double your coupons up to $1.98.

If you participated in Lowes Foods Super Doubles promo, which continues through Tuesday, you may be wondering if you'll have any coupons left for Round 2 of super couponing.

While it's inevitable to have some overlap, I'm confident the Harris Teeter promo will yield some new freebies and deals. So stay tuned.

I'll be scoping out my Harris Teeter for all the continuing sales so please check back later for the start of a good deals list.

Play online game for grocery prizes at


Kroger's website has launched an online game promotion that gives you the chance to win free grocery products.

Click here to register or sign in to "race" in the Daytona 500. If your car wins, you get one of more than 80,000 prizes, which include bottles of Gatorade, jars of Ragu and tubs of Country Crock margarine.

You can instantly load the prize onto your Kroger loyalty card so it will be free the next time you shop.

Play once a day over the next two weeks. You're eligible to win up to two prizes.

I would say your odds of winning are pretty high. I won a bag of Cracker Jack the very first time I tried.

Wednesday deals (Feb. 1-7)

Soda, frozen pizzas, ground beef, hot sauces, chips, salsa, popcorn and nuts are all on sale at the grocery stores this week in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. Take advantage of the very best deals and skip the rest.
Food Lion has got ground chuck for just $1.99 per pound and spiral ham for $1.29 per pound. It's also the final week of its money-back promotion on its store-brand products.
Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter both have DiGiorno pizzas for $4 each after coupon. You can also pick up FREE Colgate toothpaste at Lowes Foods and Speed Stick deodorant for 50 cents, along with Heluva Good dip for 69 cents.
At Harris Teeter, Frank's hot sauces are 16 cents and Kettle Brand chips are just 84 cents after coupon.
And at Aldi, as usual, there are some terrific produce deals, including avocados for just 49 cents each and grape tomatoes for 69 cents a pint.

Read on for all the best deals I spotted at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. I've also included the top deals at Kroger from Sunday for better comparison. Please post any deals you come across while shopping so we can all save even more.

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