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Sunday drugstore and Kroger deals are up (Aug. 19-25)

The drugstores are offering some nice bargains this week but the real steals and deals are at Kroger, where milk is $1.99 per gallon, bread and buns are just 88 cents and the list of products under 50 cents is impressive.

Here are a few highlights:

At CVS, Heinz Ketchup is 50 cents, Renuzit air fresheners are 70 cents and Listerine is 99 cents for a 500ml bottle. There are also nice deals on Revlon nail polish and lip colors.

At Rite Aid, stock up on free hand sanitizer, free and cheap pain relievers and 49-cent Hershey's Simple Pleasures. There's also a nice deal on Lysol products that you can combine with a mail-in rebate, a nice M&Ms deal and a discounted gift card deal.

At Walgreens, you can pick up 25-cent Crest toothpaste and Oral B flossers, 40-cent Chex Mix, Dial hand soap for 60 cents and a super deal on Tresemme hair products.

But as I mentioned, the very best deals are at Kroger. On top of the cheap milk and bread, you can pick up free Chex Mix, bottles of Dial hand soap for 18 cents and cheap deals on Fiber One bars, Nabisco Snack Saks, Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies, Hefty Storage Bags, Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, and the list goes on.

Keep reading for all the best deals and coupon matchups. And PLEASE jump in with the deals you find. Post them in the comments section.

Wednesday grocery deals (Aug. 15-21)

There are great deals this week on split chicken breasts, frozen chicken breasts, shrimp, London Broil, Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies, Gevalia coffee, back-to-school snacks, cereals and Pantene and Herbal Essences hair care products -- just to name a few.

I've included the very best of the deals from the new circulars as well as a host of unadvertised specials with outstanding coupon match-ups.

On top of that, Lowes Foods is offering 10 opportunities for enhanced fuel rewards when you buy select products while Food Lion is offering a gift card promotion for fans of P&G products.

And finally, don't overlook the produce deals at Aldi, which include bananas for 44 cents a pound and mangoes for 59 cents each.

(I'm also including the best of the Kroger deals at the bottom of the post for easier comparison.)

As always, happy shopping. And please report in on any good deals you find.

The power of coupons: 99.9% saved


Here's my morning haul from Harris Teeter during the first day of its Super Doubles coupon event.

You know you're doing well in the savings department when you owe more in taxes than you owe for the actual goods.

Here's the breakdown:

I purchased $81.27 worth of groceries. My total before taxes was 83 cents. The tax was $1.61.

That figures out to be a 99.9 percent savings before taxes or 97 percent after taxes.

A great deal no matter how you figure it.

Even though I'm a seasoned couponer, it's still amazing to me to see how a few slips of paper can make such a difference in a family's grocery budget.

How did I get my total that low?

Midwestern drought will mean higher supermarket prices

N&O food writer Andrea Weigl has an important story in today's Food section about the impending rise in grocery store prices because of this summer's drought in the Midwest.

Experts are predicting at least a 5 percent increase in prices on everything from breads and cereals to beef and poultry.

The price increases are likely to show up next year as the shortages move through the supply chain so you have plenty of time to tweek your grocery spending habits to stay within your budget.

Click HERE to read Andrea's story, which includes some great tips from cooking experts as well as a few money-saving tips from me.

Wednesday grocery deals (Aug. 8-14)

Harris Teeter's Super Doubles promotion is the big headline in grocery news this week with with lots of freebies and ultra cheap deals. Head over HERE for an extensive list.

But don't rule out a quick trip to Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi, where you'll be able to score $1 a jar peanut butter, cantaloupe for $1.50 and a 10-pound bag of potatoes for $2.49, among other bargains.

Keep reading for a store-by-store breakdown of the very best deals this week.

Happy shopping.

Wednesday grocery deals (July 25-31)

The big news in coupons this week is Super Doubles at Lowes Foods. Head over HERE for a giant list of freebies and good deals.

Keep reading this post for the rest of this week's good deals, which are surprisingly plentiful.

Harris Teeter has a great deal on eggs at just 99 cents a dozen, along with a generous "meal deal" and a good selection of $1 items included in its 10/$10 sale.

In addition to its Super Doubles, Lowes Foods has a great deal on boneless chicken breasts at just $1.79 per pound and some stellar produce deals.

Over at Food Lion, take note of the $1.50 price on peanut butter and an early bird Saturday special on Doritos for $1 per bag.

And finally, there are some terrific deals on produce at Aldi, including cucumbers for 29 cents, grape tomatoes for 89 cents per pint and 3-packs of green papers for $1.49.

Read on for all the top deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. I've also included the best of Sunday's Kroger deals at the bottom of the post for easier comparison shopping.

Please add the bargains you find while shopping. That way, we can all save even more.

Updated: Lowes Foods Super Doubles list of freebies and good deals

Updated with unadvertised specials.

Here's an updated list of freebies and good deals for Lowes Foods' Super Double coupon event, which begins Wednesday, July 25.

It's shaping up to be a pretty nice opportunity to save, with at least 11 freebies and many more heavily discounted groceries.

I compiled the list using the coupons we received here in the Triangle, along with readily available printables, magazine and tearpad coupons. No sense getting all excited about a deal using a coupon that was only available in other parts of the country.

I've also verified prices and sale dates at my local Lowes Foods in Apex, taking a lot of the guesswork out of your Super Doubles trip.

Below the list you'll find a list of tips to help make your Super Doubles shopping trip successful as well as Lowes Foods' policy regarding Super Doubles.

And finally, a big thank you to the good folks on Hot Coupon World who posted the new sales circular ahead of schedule.

Sunday drugstore and Kroger deals are up (July 22-28)

The freebie line-up is pretty sweet at the drugstores and Kroger this week. With coupons and rewards, you can easily score free AMP Energy drinks, Starbucks Refreshers, Stayfree pads, St. Joseph's aspirin, Colgate Toothpaste, Safeguard or Ivory soap and Speed Stick deodorants.

Or pay a few pennies and splurge on 20-cent Colgate toothbrushes, 24-cent Crest Rinse, 44-cent Pepsi Next 2 liters, 50-cent Softsoap or 74-cent Butterball turkey bacon.

But my favorite deal of the week has to be the $1.25-half-gallon milk at Kroger. That's the third sales cycle in a row, I believe, that we've had milk at bargain prices.

Keep reading for all the very best deals I found at the drugstores and Kroger.

Please chime in with your own best bargains. Post them in the comments section below. I love to hear what you've found. And I know fellow blog readers will appreciate the extra savings tips.

Updated: Wednesday grocery deals (July 18-24)

It's the middle of summer and the grocery circulars were a tad on the slim side so I scoped out a few unadvertised specials to beef up my good deals list this week.

If you've been looking for a great deal on peaches, Lowes Foods has them on sale this week for just 77 cents per pound. Lowes Foods also has some other nice produce deals, a great e-offer on Merita bread, 50-cent Softsoap hand soap and $1 bags of Krunchers! kettle chips.

Lowes Foods also has the best price on milk at $2.88 per gallon. Limit 2.

Specialty cheeses and cases of wine are 20 percent off this week at Harris Teeter. You can also score free Frank's Redhot Sauce, super cheap Barilla pasta and Birds Eye Steamfresh and a couple of nice Buy 2, Get 3 Free deals.

Over at Food Lion, cherries are just $1.97 per pound, which beats the other two stores by a long shot. Food Lion also continues its "MVP Big Deal," which gives you an additional 50 cents off per item when you buy at least 10 participating products.

Keep reading for all the top deals at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods and Aldi this week. For easier price comparison, I've added Sunday's Kroger deals to the bottom of the post.

Please add your own best deals in the comments section so we can all save even more.

Wednesday grocery deals (July 4-10)

Pick up some great freebies and ultra cheap grocery items this week, including free Bayer aspirin and Kraft barbecue sauce, 16-cent Dole Frozen Fruit Cups, 20-cent cereal, 50-cent KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, $1 Krunchers! Kettle Chips and $1 Tribe Hummus.

There are also great produce deals at Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi, a fantastic price on Wisk laundry detergent at Lowes Foods and an interesting gasoline gift card deal at Food Lion.

Read on for all the very best deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. I've also included Sunday's Kroger deals for easier price comparison.

Please add your deals in the comments section to give your fellow blog readers a chance to save even more. Thanks! And happy shopping.

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