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Viewing the draft 2014-15 Wake County school system instructional calendars

It's not too soon to begin penciling in your vacation plans based on the possible 2014-15 Wake County school system calendars.

School district staff have put together draft 2014-15 maps for traditional calendar, modified calendar and year-round schools. Click here to view the draft maps and the common early-release days proposed for the different calendars.

Time ran out before the school board was able to discuss the maps at last week's work session. They'll likely be discussed during the April 23 work session.

Wake likes to get the calendars adopted sooner than later so that families and staff can plan that far ahead.

Wake County school system to eliminate 2014 spring break weather makeup days

It looks like families at Wake County's traditional-calendar schools won't have to worry about 2014 spring break being cut short to use as weather makeup days.

Currently, the school district's 2013-14 traditional-calendar schedule has March 31-April 2, the first three days of spring break, as possible makeup days. But Wake school administrators want to revise the schedule to move the three makeup days to the end of the school year in June.

Deputy Superintendent Cathy Moore told the school board's student achievement committee last week that the district plans to take advantage of changes in the state's calendar law approved last year by the General Assembly.

School board to vote on 2012-13 calendars on Tuesday

It's not too soon to start thinking about 2012-13 school calendars in Wake County.

The school board is scheduled to discuss and vote Tuesday on the 2012-13 calendars that will be used for traditional-calendar, year-round and modified-calendar schools. The board in the past has usually done the calendars over different dates to allow for changes and to get more public comment.

In this case, the plan is to take care of it all in one day with discussion during committee of the whole and adoption later that evening at the regular meeting.


Explaining why traditional-calendar schools are closed today

If you're a Wake County traditional-calendar parent, you're not imagining things if it seems like there are a lot of days off or early-release days on Fridays lately.

Between March 11 and April 22, five of the seven Fridays on the traditional calendar are either complete days off for students or are early-release days. For instance, today is listed as a vacation day.

There are several things that have led up to all these interrupted Fridays.

School board to vote on 2011-12 calendars

After a few suggestions from Wake County school board vice chairwoman Debra Goldman, the school board is now set to vote Tuesday on 2011-12 school calendars.

The one big change from an earlier draft calendar is that an early release days for traditional-calendar and year-round schools will now be held Oct. 7, a Friday. The early release day was originally slated for two weeks later on Oct. 21 and would have also included modified calendar schools.

During a work session discussion last month, Goldman had noted that Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews, starts sunset Oct. 7. She said sunset will get earlier as the calendar moves into October.


The board approved the revised calendars as presented tonight without any additional changes.

Holding early release days on Wednesdays or Fridays

Should Wake County's common early release days be held on Wednesdays or Fridays for the 2010-11 school year?

School administrators are recommending holding the six common early release days on Wednesdays, similar to what's being done this year. The other option presented at Tuesday's student achievement committee meeting is to hold them on Fridays.

The full board could vote on the issue Tuesday.


The board voted 6-2 on May 18 to approve the use of Fridays for the early-release days. Only board members Kevin Hill and Keith Sutton voted no.

Potential changes in 2010-11 traditional calendar

Wake County traditional-calenar parents may want to keep their winter break plans for the 2010-11 school year flexible.

It's possible that the new school board majority may make changes that would eliminate teacher workdays scheduled for Dec. 22 and Jan. 3, respectively the first and last days of winter break. A work day on Oct. 1 might also be cut.

If they're eliminated, it would be done to build up more potential makeup days to avoid cutting into spring break.

Passing school calendar and charter school bills

While these are more state than Wake issues, there's obviously some interest in them here.

Yesterday, the state House passed H593, which would allow school districts to start traditional-calendar schools as early as the second Monday in August instead of the current Aug. 25 date.

The state House also passed H856, which would raise the cap on charter schools to 106 schools. The cap has been locked at 100 since the start of charter schools in this state.

Even if the state Senate doesn't approve either bill this year, the big deal is that they passed the crossover legislation deadline. This means both bills could be brought back later this session.

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