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"Jodi Picoult's Salem Falls" doesn't cast a spell

I didn't read the novel that "Jodi Picoult's Salem Falls" (8 tonight, Lifetime) is based upon, but I have a feeling fans of the book will be disappointed. Unless they were expecting a film that's stilted and clumsy.

Jack McBride (James Van Der Beek) is on his way out of town. A teacher and soccer coach, he got in trouble at his all-girl's school because he's cute and teen girls get crushes. Now he's out of work and a registered sex offender. An accident on the road gets him stuck in Salem Falls, where he's befriended by Addie (Sarah Carter), who is really kind, owns the local diner and has some emotional issues, plus a father who enjoys getting drunk and cutting up.

Also residing in the town is rich girl Gillian (AJ Michalka) and her two friends. The girls practice Wicca, and when Gillian spots Jack, she swears he's the one who has come to take her away to California.

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