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High online reassignment interest

It's no surprise that interest in this year's draft reassignment plan is higher than what it was in recent years

As noted in today's article, the plan received 112,564 page views in the first seven hours it was online. There were also 346 comments and 10,362 PDF downloads during that time period.

Contrast that to last year's draft plan.

Reassignment viewing

You guys have definitely been interested in viewing the draft reassignment plan.

Over the first two hours since the plan went live at 9 a.m., there were 59,489 page views. The most viewed schools were Panther Creek and Broughton high schools.

There were 195 comments registered online in the first two hours.

New reassignment plan

I'm going to try to hit some of the high points of the plan here.

First, the three-year plan affects 26,771 students. It starts with 8,162 students in 2009-10, 14,200 in 2010-11 and 4,409 in 2011-12.

Administrators are recommending unconverting Knightdale Elementary School for the 2009-10 school year. But it comes with a catch.


Click here for the link to the plan. Demand on Wake's site is high now so be patient. 

Reassignment assumptions

There are some big question marks that could upend the new multi-year reassignment plan.

As noted in today's article, school administrators are assuming that funding will still come through for the 10 new schools slated to open by 2012. They're also assuming that the district will win the year-round lawsuit.

If either or both don't go as hoped, the plan will need a major rewrite.

Countdown to draft reassignment plan

Here's how things will be moving forward with the draft reassignment plan

Wake will have the plan up on its Web site by 9 a.m. Saturday. It probably will be up sooner, but 9 a.m. is being used as the official release time.

You can read about the plan in Saturday's paper. Also jump on the blog at 5 a.m.

Supporting Leesville Middle's conversion

Supporters of converting Leesville Road Middle School to a year-round calendar now have a formal group and their own Web site.

The group calls itself BiggerPicture and says it's "a community-based organization that supports common sense solutions that maximize efficiency and educational opportunities for all students."

BiggerPicture is countering Concerned and Committed Leesville Parents (CCLP), which formed its own Web site to oppose converting the middle school.


Reassignment pamphlets

Do not panic if you got a pamphlet in the mail telling you about the draft reassignment plan coming out Saturday.

It doesn't mean that your family will be personally affected by the plan. It does mean that your child's school is in the draft. The school could be sending students, receiving them, or both.

More than 76,000 pamphlets were mailed on Friday to all the students listed in the school district's records as attending schools that are in the draft. The mailers were not targeted at just kids whose nodes would be moved.

Draft coming Saturday

You can sleep in a few more hours on Saturday before trying to find out if you're affected by the new multi-year student assignment plan.

School administrators announced today that they're going for an online release at 9 a.m. A release of 5 a.m. had been previously considered.

Even though the school district's press release only lists five community engagement meetings, the one at Leesville Road High School on Nov. 17 is still a go. As noted before, the district isn't officially considering the Leesville meeting to be a community engagment meeting even though it will cover the draft reassignment plan. 

Advising on student assignment

With the draft reassignment plan less than a week away, there's interest in who's helping to put it all together.

That includes the members of the student assignment advisory committee. The members are Diana Bader, Alison Donnelly, Anne Sherron, David Williams, George Wait, Julie Stevens, Larry Dickens, Liz Parry and Roxie Cash.

Those names should be familiar to those who've been around here for a few years. Here's info on some of the members.

A meeting for Leesville

It's not officially a community engagement meeting, but I doubt the distinction will matter to Leesville parents.

As Lisa Boneham already mentioned on the blog today, a meeting will be held on Nov. 17 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Leesville Road High School's auditorium. Staff will discuss the draft reassignment plan and how it impacts the calendar conversion at Leesville Road Middle School.

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