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Advance transfer requests

While reassignment often isn't fun for students, some parents may bite the bullet and try to move their kids into a different school a year early.

School administrators are anticipating parents will ask for transfers based on future school reassignments. You can call it a byproduct of using a three-year assignment plan.

For instance, parents whose kids are slated to be reassigned to a school in 2010 may file a transfer request to attend that school in 2009.

Reaction to the reassignment plan

So what do you guys think of the new reassignment plan?

Click here to view the plan. Click here to download the 740-page PDF of the plan, sans map.

As some of you have already noticed, the LI (low income) percentages at high schools are way higher than what's normally reported.

Registering to speak at the hearings

It's a go to register online at 10 a.m. tomorrow to speak at the public hearings on the reassignment plan.

Asst. Supt. Chuck Dulaney said the full plan will be available tomorrow morning, along with the ability to provide comments and to register online to speak at the meetings. You'll only be able to speak at one meeting.

Click here for the list of the meetings.

Determining your node

The search function allowing you to determine your node by plugging in your address is now working.

That link had been down yesterday. It's been frustrating to parents who've been trying to see if they're in the new plan.

The link doesn't yet reflect the proposed 2009-12 assignments. But once you find the node info you can cross reference it with the plan overview.

The full plan will be up at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Waiting again to seek consent

The countdown has begun to see whether the state Supreme Court rules on the year-round case before consent forms have to be sent to parents.

As noted in today's article about the reassignment plan and an article by Dan Kane about the court hearing, school administrators are basing the new plan on winning the lawsuit.

"The recommendations also assume that the Board of Education and the unanimous opinion of the NC Court of Appeals will prevail in the Wake Cares lawsuit currently being heard by the NC Supreme Court," writes staff in the reassignment plan overview.

Wake's revised reassignment plan

Here are some quick highlights on the new reassignment plan.

It calls for moving 25,486 students over the next three years, down from 26,771 in the draft proposal. There are a lot of changes.

A PDF overview will be posted online at later this evening. The full detailed plan that you normally look for online won't be up until 10 a.m. Saturday.


Click here for the overview of the plan. 

Finalizing the reassignment plan

The completion of the reassignment plan is coming down to the wire.

Historically, administrators finish the plan at least a day before it's presented to the school board. This means hard copies and electronic versions are ready to go well ahead of time.

This time, the plan is still being finalized as we speak. You can put at least some of the blame on the delays on the changes that were made after the school board voted last week to demagnetize Broughton High School and magnetize Millbrook High School.

Court hearings and reassignment

It's appropriate that the year-round court hearing and the release of the student reassignment plan are both happening today.

Both events are heavily intertwined. The new three-year reassignment plan is based on the school system winning the court case so it can stop seeking consent for year-round schools.

A legal loss for the school district means a major rewrite to the reassignment plan.

CEM reassignment changes

Here are the recommended reassignment changes that Asst. Supt. Chuck Dulaney mentioned at the various CEM meetings.

First, here's the link to the changes Dulaney mentioned at the Cary High meeting. Now that the Broughton vote is over, he said he still expects to incorporate the ones mentioned at Cary into the revised plan.

As for the changes mentioned at the other meetings, Dulaney thinks he'll still be able to incorporate them independent of what took place on Wednesday.

Reassignment changes due to Broughton

It's clear that a lot of people are upset about the demagnetization of Broughton High School.

But as noted in today's article, there are probably going to be a number of people who are happy as well. Asst. Supt. Chuck Dulaney said demagnetizing Broughton and magnetizing Millbrook High will have ripple effects.

First, Dulaney said someone is going to have to be sent to Broughton to help make up for the eventual loss of the 600+ magnet students. He said that group will now likely be the students from the Brier Creek area of the US 70 corridor in northwest Raleigh.

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