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A quick checkup on this year’s rainfall

This year has seemed pretty unusual, right? The winter held on a little longer, the spring stayed cool and wet, and really only had a couple of hot weeks scattered through the summer months. Follow all that with the last week’s worth of cool, cloudy, wet weather, and it seems like we ought to be breaking records in the rainfall category.

I need to know what time it will rain.

April showers bring May flowers, but no one wants rain during their picnic.

Snow does not equal rain

It’s no secret that the center of the country is suffering from an extended, exceptional drought and has been for quite a while. Last week’s huge snow storm, nicknamed by Kansas locals the “Blizzard of Oz” might have brought a lot of white flakes, but it didn’t do much to help relieve the desperate need for water. Why not?

What causes fog?

Last weekend was quite interesting as far as weather is concerned. We had near record warmth during the days and dense fog developed Friday afternoon and lingered through mid-morning on Saturday. We’re used to seeing fog in the mornings, but what causes it to form in the middle of the day?

Why are we in a drought?

As of January 1st, much of central North Carolina is considered to be in a moderate drought. People keep asking why since we’ve had what seemed to be plenty of rain over the last year. In fact, RDU International Airport recorded 40.79 inches of rain over the course of 2012. Our “normal” amount for a year is 43.34 inches. The question I keep getting is “if we’ve had rain, why are we in a drought?”

Shakedown hike at a very wet Umstead

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When we pulled into the parking lot at 1:05 this afternoon, there were
two cars in the lot. When we left 2 hours and 53 minutes later, there
was one. C'mon, people. A Sunday afternoon at Umstead and Alan and I are the only one's there? OK, so it was a little wet . And cold. And windy there at the end.

Bowerbirds bring the rain

Now that drought appears to be rearing its ugly head again, here's a suggestion on how to combat water shortages: Get Bowerbirds to play around here on a regular basis. Sunday evening at Duke's "Music in the Gardens" series, the skies were darkening as Bowerbirds began their set, and a steady rain began falling a few songs into the show.

There was plenty of cover under a tent for anyone seeking shelter, so no one got too wet who didn't want to (and a few hardy souls did tough it out on the lawn). And the Bowerbirds' ecologically minded folk was very appropriate for the bucolic outdoor setting. But the funny part was that their new material seemed to bring on the heaviest downpours. Sunday's show was, they said, the first they played a new song called "Chimes" in public. Right on cue, the sky opened up and rain came down in buckets as frontman Phil Moore crooned, "I draw my breath from an ancient earth."

'Twas great.

ADDENDUM (8/15/08): "In Our Talons" video.

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