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Horror in Connecticut: A call for prayer -- and action

Here's a statement from numerous pastors across the state in the N.C. Council of Churches on the shootings in Connecticut:

Wake County school board members on prayer, student assignment and Pieces of Gold

Tonight's Wake County school board member comments had everything from prayer to complaints about the new student assignment plan to questioning the demographics of the groups at Pieces of Gold.

School board member Jim Martin said that the student groups performing at Pieces of Gold were more segregated than he had ever seen. He also said the performance showed the disparity in resources for arts programs at schools.

Later, school board member Susan Evans said she had to voice the concerns she was hearing from her constituents about the first round of the school selection process.

Wake County school board members talk about opening meetings with prayer

Should the Wake County school board open meetings with a prayer?

Email records indicate that the Republican board members are more receptive to the idea of having prayer to open meetings. Democratic board member Jim Martin, who was sworn in on the U.S. Constitution instead of a Bible, cautioned against the idea.

The conversations started when school board member Debra Goldman emailed the board and board attorney Ann Majestic on Jan. 19 asking what Wake's policies were in relation to prayer at meetings.

Rick Warren's invocation

The choice of evangelical Rick Warren of the huge Saddleback Church in California to give the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration today rankled many Americans. I'm sure many wondered what he would say and were holding their breath as he prayed. I always wonder whether Christian clergymen will invoke the name of Jesus when they are praying in such a setting. Warren invoked the name in several languages, in fact.

He praised a God "loving to everyone you've made;" said we are celebrating "a hinge point of history" in inaugurating our first African-American president; said we are so grateful to live in this land, a land of unequaled opportunity; asked that God help us to remember that we are Americans, united by our commitment to freedom and justice for all; asked in advance for forgiveness for any upcoming transgressions; and asked that we never forget that all people and all nations will stand accountable before God one day.

 He then committed the Obamas unto God's care.

 So how did he do?

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