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Seeking redemption amid pigeon poo in "Taking on Tyson"

I find Mike Tyson fascinating. His mix of menace, sweetness, crudeness, shyness, gallant and studied speech, humor,'s all riveting. Forget his prowess in the ring, the fact that he's still alive and functioning shows his champion strength.

And so, because he's at the center of "Taking on Tyson" (Animal Planet, 10 tonight), I'm all in. The series chronicles the retired boxer's return to competition in the form of pigeon racing in the New York area.

Tyson has long kept a coop and the birds; birds (although not racing them) were his passion before boxing. Indeed, Tyson reveals that the first punch he ever threw was after a bully killed one of his pigeons and threw the bloody carcass in his face.

Kings of Leon versus the pigeons

Kings of Leon are scheduled to play here in Raleigh on Sept. 13, at an outdoor venue. It's probably too late to do this, but someone might want to see about moving that show inside somewhere. Right about now, KoL are apparently feeling awfully gunshy about the great outdoors. (Be warned, there's some NSFW language at that link.)

Or maybe they should just call the Critter Control Man.

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