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Blockbuster seeks bankruptcy, will keep stores open

Blockbuster, the world's biggest movie-rental chain, filed for bankruptcy protection this morning.

The long-anticipated move was prearranged with bondholders and will allow the Dallas-based company to reorganize and reduce its massive debt.

Blockbuster, which has 20 locations in the Triangle, said its 3,000 stores in the U.S., DVD vending kiosks, by-mail and digital businesses will all continue to operate normally. In this region, Blockbuster Express is installing its kiosks in retailers such as Kerr Drug, Sheetz and Rite Aid.

Still, filing for bankruptcy "will enable (Blockbuster) to break the leases" on its stores, Kenneth Latz, director of the New York office of financial restructuring firm Conway MacKenzie, told USA Today.

RDU adds Redbox DVD kiosks

In a bid to provide more amenities for busy travelers, Raleigh-Durham International Airport has installed Redbox movie-rental machines in both terminals.

The idea is that departing passengers can pick up a DVD for the trip, and returning travelers can rent one before they head home. The cost is $1 per day.

Customers can return the DVDs at other Redbox kiosks, now found in many retailers across the Triangle. Redbox also has machines in airports served by RDU, including Boston, Baltimore and Nashville.

RDU's Redbox kiosks are located in Terminal 1 near gate A-24 and in Terminal 2 near gate C-7.

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