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Day 18: RIP, dear laptop


(In case this is your first time reading The Dollar Diet blog, my family and I are on a quest to go the entire month of February without spending any money. No kidding. We'll pay the monthly bills, put gas in our cars to get to and from work and spend just $10 a week on milk and produce, but that's it. If it's discretionary, it's off limits. Click here to read the introductory post.)

It couldn't have happened at a worse time.

My laptop is dead. Officially pronounced so by my computer geek husband.

He had ressurrected it from the grave several times before over the last several months but this time he let me know there was nothing more he could do.

I'm trying to look on the bright side here but am having a tough time finding one.

I sure wasn't banking on going without a computer when I signed myself up for 28 days of no spending.

It's one thing to do without fast food or a diet soda from the vending machine. But my computer?

This will be a true measure of my materialism.

I'll let you know how it goes. 


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