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"12 Men of Christmas": It has Kristin Chenoweth!

Whenever I see Kristin Chenoweth on TV, I get excited.

She's so darn cute, this naughty mix of retro and modern.

She can do that rat-a-tat banter like in a Kate Hepburn movie, but she's far more girly.

She's what makes "12 Men of Christmas" (Lifetime, 9 tonight) worth watching.

Project Runway: She's in... but did she cheat?

Collections from Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea

Last night's finale saw major sniffles, a minor meltdown from Tim, a made-up runway show and maybe some cheating? (It was also brought to you by the letter 'M', apparently.)

"Everything She Ever Wanted": Best Lifetime movie ever?!?

I know. I know. There are so many to choose from.

But if you loved that classic "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" (and part two, "Her Final Fury") "Ann Rule's Everything She Ever Wanted" (Lifetime Movie Network, 8 tonight; Sunday at 8 p.m.) is the movie for you.

While you could argue that Betty B. was mildly justified for her murderous rage, Pat Allanson (played by Botox-y Gina Gershon) is just deliciously sociopathic.

Project Runway: Duke inspires designer, also: why isn't this season over yet?

Wait, this isn't the last episode of the worst season of Project Runway? Sigh. Fine.

The three finalists have spent several weeks work on a 12-outfit runway show with a $9,000 budget.

Lifetime's "Too Late to Say Goodbye": Think Michael Peterson

Evil pretty people are extra scary, probably because we like to think that things that look good are good.

That's why Rob Lowe is well cast in "Ann Rule's Too Late to Say Goodbye" (Lifetime Movie Network, channel 47, 8 tonight).

Lowe uses his borderline feminine looks as Bart Corbin, a successful dentist whose wife Jenn, as the movie opens, appears to commit suicide. Her young son finds her with a gun in one hand and divorce papers in the other.

Project Runway: A predictable final three - with lots of crying

The second-to-last episode of a boring season has come and gone, and well, there were a lot of tears.

It'll be good to go back to New York City for the next season. L.A. never seemed like the right fit and most of the season's challenges were uninspired. This episode, however, did bring back some of our favorite things: an inspiration-in-a-museum challenge, sharp critiques from Nina and Tim, petty backbiting and, best of all, really awful clothes!

Lifetime's "Sorority Wars": Mean girls and their mothers

When I saw the promotional materials for "Sorority Wars" (Lifetime, 9 tonight), with all its pinkness, and its stars, white-bread blondes Courtney Thorne-Smith and Faith Ford, I figured it was a comedy, maybe a little 'Mean Girls' but broader, more sitcom-like.

Well, there are mean girls, but "Sorority Wars" isn't a comedy. Instead it goes the full Lifetime route: there's empowerment, mother-daughter relationships, friendships, and getting the cute guy.

Drop Dead Diva: The winning season finale

The first season of Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" has been delightful.

Brooke Elliott's Jane proves that being plus-size character on TV doesn't have to be all about being a preachy symbol or a representative from some kind of special group.

Jane is smart and sexy and worthy of the desire she's earning from suitor Tony. And, it seems, from Grayson.

A different view of "Sherri"


I like Sherri Shepherd.

She's been on a couple of sitcoms where she was better than the material, and after a rocky beginning on "The View," she's now hit her stride.

Too bad I don't like "Sherri" as much. (It airs tonight at 7; then moves to Tuesdays at 10.)

Another group joins the "DietTribe"

"The Biggest Loser" already is off to a rousing start (thanks Tracey!), but I say you should still leave room on your TV schedule for another weight loss reality show, Lifetime's "DietTribe." It starts tonight at 9.

It's the show's second season. Last time, the premise was 5 friends -- all over 200 pounds --- who set out to lose 30 pounds before one of the friends' wedding.

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