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The Most Awkward CRIZZLE'S CRITICAL CONDITION Yet!! (Yes, I Talk To A Woman!)

As always, sorry for the lateness, but I had to take a weed-wacker to this edition of the Condition — mostly, for my sake.

Just listen to me emm and umm my way through this podcast. Continuing with "Ladies' Week," I talk to Karina Longworth, online film critic, film festival gadfly, editor of movie news site SpoutBlog and an unrequited crush of mine. Since I've been talking Cannes with previous guests for the past few weeks, I figured why don't I just talk to someone who can actually give me some first-person, Cannes details.

I don't know if I was nervous, or if Miss Longworth didn't grasp I was trying to get a conversational vibe with this podcast (she still came correct with her Cannes 411), but this podcast may come off as a bit awkward. Nevertheless, for all you fellow film geeks out there who are fans of the bespectacled Longworth, I couldn't keep this from you — even if it does make me sound like a bumbling idiot with no game. You can also download it here.

Next week: It's L.A. Week, where I talk to a couple of film guys from the City of Angels.

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