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Mother lobbies Wake County school board to change student Internet access policy

Does the Wake County school system do enough to keep students away from pornographic and violent websites on school computers?

As noted in today's article, Carolyn Homan doesn't think so and has been trying to urge the school system to do more since November 2011. Feeling she wasn't getting anywhere, she made her pitch directly to the school board on Tuesday.

Homan showed a YouTube video and held up explicit images that she said she had found while surfing computers at her children's school, Brassfield Elementary School.

Should the government create a free nationwide Wi-Fi network?

The FCC wants to build public Wi-Fi networks across the nation to make the Internet more accessible, but technology giants are split over the plan.

Firefox 7 released, you can download it

Featuring some performance and UI tweaks, Firefox 7 is ready for you to download.

Some users avoid browser updates usually by neglect or just stubborn refusal. A few though have good reason because of plug-in or script compatibility issues.

The more adventurous crowd flock to the beta release, and those who live on the bleeding edge subscribe to the nightly updates.

I'm all of the above. I keep an old version, current version, get the beta and the nightly updates.

Which one are you?

AT&T, Time Warner Cable offering portable WiFi

The same week that AT&T announced it would offer customers a portable WiFi connector for long-range Internet access, Time Warner Cable has upgraded its portable WiFi gadget to connect up to eight laptops, tablets and gaming consoles at the same time.

Time Warner's previous incarnation of portable WiFi, introduced last year, worked with up to five devices at once, the same number that can be used with AT&T's just-announced Mobile Hotspot Elevate.

That gives Time Warner bragging rights, but it remains to be seen how many customers will actually connect eight devices at once to the Internet -- a feat that would require a very large family or some very nimble multi-taskers.


Wildcat lacrosse goes blogging

The East Chapel Hill High School lacrosse team’s web page got a face-lift recently from Don Wittenkind.

Among the new features, Wittenkind will be blogging and feeding live updates from Wildcat Stadium to the page during Friday’s second-round NCHSAA playoff double-header.

The East girls host No. 1 Apex at 5 p.m. Friday, and the boys host Middle Creek at 7 p.m.

East lacrosse’s home page, fittingly enough, is


You made Rebecca Black cry, feel better?

I am not a Rebecca Black fan. I can describe a number medieval activities I'd rather on the receiving end of.

Many are dismayed by the thirteen year-old's viral rise of Internet fame. I am more dismayed by the cheap shots from bloggers and critics.

We as a culture love to hate things. It seems to be what brings us together most of the time.

While I too despise "Friday," but I hate a lot of things, like scratchy labels on my shirts for instance.  I still think Rebecca Black is a child at thirteen and we should refrain from pot shots and whatever mudslinging we reserve for adults.

Its a free Internet and I can't stop them from harshing on Rebecca Black for their own fodder. I think it's child-sploitation.

In a Good Morning America interview, Rebecca responded to the viscous backlash. "At first, when I first saw all these nasty comments, I did cry," said Black. "I felt like this was my fault. And I shouldn't have done this, and this is all because of me. And now I don't feel that way."

Consider these:

And you thought Rebecca Black was bad?
Where Is Your God Now of the Day: I am no longer looking forward to the weekend.
Songwriting Isn't For Everyone

So go ahead. Indulge your ego if you need to make yourself feel superior by cbyer-thrashing a thirteen year old.

I applaud her risk taking and her maturity as she navigates through her popularity, ...but I doubt I'll be listening.

Survey: Most parents know kids seek porn online

Easy Internet access gives parents a number of challenges, but a recent survey from BitDefender should prompt adults to take greater steps to filter explicit online content.

Of 1,570 parents, ninety five percent said they know their children have sought out online pornography, mostly during homework time. According to the survey, the age of a child starting to look for adult content averages just over 11 years old.

While 97 percent said they have parental control software on the computer used by children, 12 percent revealed that their teenagers have cracked the controls.

The survey spotlights the need for more robust parental control software and closer monitoring of children's online activities.

Among adults, 62 percent admitted accessing adult content sites.

Man faces charges for reading cheating wife's e-mail

Can a wife can expect privacy on a computer she shares with her husband ... while having an affair?

FTC wants 'Do Not Track' tool for online users

Federal regulators are proposing to create a "Do Not Track" tool for the Internet so that consumers could prevent marketers from tracking their Web browsing habits and other online behavior in order to target advertising.

FCC pushing net neutrality vote amid GOP opposition

Federal regulators are moving ahead with a plan to prohibit phone and cable companies from blocking or discriminating against Internet traffic flowing over their broadband networks.

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