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UNC Faculty rep: football problems = sleepless nights

For 15 years, UNC-Chapel Hill professor Jack Evans has served as the university's faculty athletics representative, a liaison between the faculty and the athletics department.

It's a role that has come under scrutiny across American higher education as one athletics department after another is investigated for all manner of violation.

In a story in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Evans said even a university with the best of intentions can get burned.

"There's no way to vaccinate these young men and keep them safe from their own immaturity or willingness to give in to temptation," Evans told the Chronicle.

In saying this, Evans is, of course, speaking from experience. UNC-Chapel Hill is in the middle of its own football investigation now; some football players are believed to have taken improper benefits - like jewelry - from sports agents. And the university is also looking into possible academic cheating.

It's enough to keep Evans up at night.

"I'm uncomfortable with it, you bet I am. I don't like it and the AD doesn't like it, and it happened on my time," he said in the Chronicle story. "Were there warning signals along the way we failed to detect? That's the kind of topic that has had me waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning wondering what was it I didn't see. Was there something I could have spotted?"

You can read the entire story here, but you need a Chronicle of Higher Education premium content password to access it.

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