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Good times, old memories

In researching those to be inducted into the East Wake hall of fame I've really gotten a good look back in the past.

To come up with stats for a team or an individual wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Looking through binders of years of newspapers (through roughly 27 sports pages in each half-year binder), it became evident to me relatively early it was going to be hard to find one single item I was looking for.

So I had to bite the bullet and look at every story on the Warriors' baseball team in 1998 and basketball team from the 1990-91 season, the championship contending year.

I normally get to follow a team through its year in-person, with camera at hand. But I have yet to cover a team that has later been honored by a school for a hall of fame, although some of the athletes I've seen go through Knightdale and East Wake may see that day before it's all said and done.

It's cool to go back and see where a program has come from. Not even coaches and athletic directors can remember every stat on a team or individual, so getting to take a good look at these people in their prime is like opening a time capsule.

I expected to find out these individuals being inducted at East Wake (The b-ball team, Jamey Shearin, Chris Bunn and Jackie Lee Ammons) truly made something special happen in their tenure at their respective schools, and the evidence certainly was right there in the binders.

The Hall of Fame dinner is set for next Saturday night at the high school. Although seating is probably limited at this point (it was a full house last year), contact the school if interested in attending.

Fay, Fay, go away

In the second full week of prep sports a slow moving spinner has to come out of the gulf and hose down all mid-week sporting events.

It really caught me off guard in trying to stay on top of scheduling eight sports at each of two schools, only to realize the beginnings of my scheduling had been drowned before I finished my plans for week 12.

What great timing, though. The first week of college football and some of the best non-conference matchups in the high school realm are at the doorstep and WHAMMY – three inches of rain and talk of two-three more days of isolated storms are the rumor in the weather room.

Sure it was weird for me to have to rewrite my week's plans before they got started, but think about the coaches (who many forget are 99 percent teacher as well) and how fun it must be for them to start off week one and early week two rescheduling events already.

It's frustrating. It's not as easy as "throw it on the bye week." Sometimes these games are skipped completely, and that's where I lose big-time. I suppose the moral of the story is: If it's raining a whole bunch send Aaron all the submitted info in the world, because the uglier the weather, the better the chance he will use it, and sooner than later as well.  

East Wake baseball proves its worth

I got an early-bird phone call this morning from East Wake baseball coach Kerry Kincaid informing me of the kind of thing you want to hear about a team you're following — the team is still winning.

But the "boys in blue," as I have come to call them, didn't win last night's game 17-0 like they did against South Central Monday, like they have throughout the summer to various teams. 

The team overcame a 6-1 deficit to Terry Sanford last night (Tuesday), in what I think was the only real test I've seen or heard of them facing all summer. 

The phone call from Kincaid, which came it around 6:40, was indicative of a coach who had so much fun watching the game the night before he couldn't stay in his bed the next morning. He sounded like he had to get up and tell someone, and I'm glad he did.

Down 6-1, the team cut the lead to 6-3 and somehow weather permitted the game to be played in full and the game was knotted at six in the sixth.

The excitement in Kincaid's voice in saying his boys gunned-down a runner at home plate in the seventh inning, just before sending in a three-run homer to win the game was indicative of the reason people love the sport and the opportunity to coach in the first place.

Ever since the Braves ruled the world when I was a kid (less than 10 years old) and fell from their throne of southern hype year later, I must say baseball has been my least favorite sport, by far. But I think I'm starting to get into it again. I know that's easy to say when a prep team is giving its opponents the boot, but if you will look back to the spring season for just a minute, you might recall my presence over the course of an unfortunate series of events for the team — mildly put. 

The Central Carolina Scholastic summer league begins play-offs for the top two teams in each of the six divisions this coming up Wednesday. I'm pretty sure with a record of 13-0, the Warriors will be headed that way, so it would be an ideal time for you fans to go check them out. 


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