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Woody, Buzz and helicopter parents

If you're the parent of a college student, Toy Story 3 spoke to you.

The animated Pixar film, the third in the hugely successful series about children's toys come to life, gets to the emotion of the empty next - the moment when your child goes off to college.

It's a sweet movie that has had far broader appeal than just to kids, as Jenna Johnson with the Washington Post points out here.

And as Johnson also notes, the first Toy Story came out in 1995, targeting young children who now, 16 years later, are reaching college age. They're graduating with Andy, the little boy who grows up over the course of the three movies.

To summarize: As Andy gets ready for college, mom makes him pick which toys to take with him, which to junk and which to stash in the attic.

Of course, Andy's mom gets weepy thinking about life without him in the house. As Johnson points out, an industry has sprung up around this particular angst - self-help books and college orientation sessions aimed at the parent struggling to give junior some space.

It's a great movie with a genuine, tear-jerker of an ending. On Sunday night, it took home two Oscars.

Nice going, Buzz. Nice going, Woody.

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