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What to Watch on Saturday: New TV movies in battle of good vs. evil

The Bridge (8pm, CBS) - A retired narcotics cop is killed along with his informant, prompting Internal Affairs to look for a killer from within the police department. Meanwhile, Frank cuts a deal with a former crime boss to help a jailed ex-cop.

Persons Unknown (8pm, NBC) - Dread sweeps through the group when Joe falls seriously ill, and even though Erika has the antidote, she won't give it to him unless he confesses his secret. Elsewhere, reporter Renbe and Kat attend Tori's funeral in Rome, and discover that Tori's ambassador father is also looking into her disappearance.

Jack's Family Adventure (9pm, Hallmark) - A successful ad man (Jonathan Silverman, left) tries to reconnect with his family by taking them on a monthlong vacation to a rustic cabin he recently inherited. The family is resistant at first, but start to enjoy themselves when they meet a cowboy (Peter Strauss) who teaches them about life's simpler pleasures.

Goblin (9pm, Syfy) - And now for a less family friendly offering... In this original Syfy movie, Halloween spawns a goblin that is determined to take a baby from an unsuspecting family, and it's up to their teenage daughter to save her baby brother from becoming the monster's meal. (Note to self: What the hell...)

What to Watch on Saturday: Stars celebrate 25 years of Dollywood

Mississippi River Quest (7pm, National Geographic) - In this three-part series of shows, all airing tonight (7pm through 11pm), a filmmaker, a group of scientists, and a professional fisherman team up to boat the entire length of the Mississippi River. They battle flood waters, vessel trouble, and a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico while trying to complete their mission.

Dolly Celebrates 25 Years of Dollywood (8pm, Hallmark) - Dolly Parton's Pigeon Forge amusement park has been around 25 years and she's gathered a bunch of her friends to celebrate: Kenny Rogers, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney. Dolly sings a duet of "Jolene" with Miley.

Three Rivers (8pm, CBS) - The series finale of this transplant drama has Andy putting his patient at the top of the heart list, but the operation is in jeopardy when the police threaten to seize the funds raised for the surgery.

The Forgotten (9pm, ABC) - ABC is burning off two previously unaired episodes of this canceled Christian Slater drama. In the first episode, the team tries to figure out if a Jane Doe gunshot victim was the shooter's intended target. In the second episode, a young man awakens from a coma induced by a violent attack, and asks the team's help in determining his identity.

What to Watch on Saturday: Saturday night means Betty White

Golden Girls marathon (6pm-1am, WeTV) - "Back in St. Olaf..." Kick off your night of Betty White with a special "Golden Girls" marathon featuring "Best of Betty" episodes. You'll get a welcome overload of wicker furniture, cheesecake, decorative sweaters, and stories about Rose's hometown of St. Olaf. If you want to study ahead, check out this cool Entertainment Weekly slideshow featuring some of Rose's best rants.

Meet My Mom (9pm, Hallmark) - An original Hallmark movie about a divorcee (Lori Loughlin) who falls for a soldier (Johnny Messner) who is mentoring her son while he's home on leave. The budding romance is complicated by the soldier's upcoming deployment. Sadly, Betty White is not in this movie.

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm, NBC) - You have to stop watching your "Golden Girls" marathon at 11:30 so you can catch the main event: Betty White finally hosts SNL, and the musical guest is Jay-Z. Is this over-hyped? Maybe. But we still think it's going to be fantastic -- as long as the SNL writers step up and give Betty some good material. 

What to Watch on Saturday: Eddie Cibrian heals in new Hallmark movie

NCAA Basketball (WRAL) - It's going on pretty much all day, folks. Grab your bracket and tune in. There's also women's NCAA and local NIT action today.

Parenthood (8pm, NBC) - If you missed the first 15 minutes of this on Tuesday night because you were watching the end of the NCSU basketball game, catch it tonight. Oh, what's that? You weren't watching the State game? Hmmm. 

Healing Hands (9pm, Hallmark) - In this Hallmark original movie, Eddie Cibrian plays a janitor who, after a brush with death, realizes he can heal others with the touch of his hands. This is all very exciting until he realizes the toll his new ability is taking on his own health, and he has an important decision to make. Also stars Lisa Sheridan and Patrick Duffy.

What to Watch on Saturday: James Franco hosts SNL

Wizard of Oz (7pm, TNT) - The 1939 Judy Garland classic adaptation of L. Frank Baum's story of a Kansas girl's adventures in a magical land. If you haven't seen Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Wicked Witch of the West in awhile, tonight's your night. The Flying Monkeys are a bonus. Repeats at 9:15. 

The Three Gifts (8pm, Hallmark) - A new Hallmark original movie starring Dean Cain and Jean Louisa Kelly as a couple who gives a home to three orphaned boys. Read Adrienne's interview with Reginald VelJohnson, who also stars.

WWE Tribute to the Troops (9pm, NBC) - Highlights from WWE's seventh annual trip to Iraq to perform for the troops.

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm, NBC) - James Franco (right), fresh off his stint on "General Hospital" (that's right, "General Hospital") hosts SNL. Musical guest is Muse.

For a complete guide to today's holiday tv programming, check out What to Watch: Santa Edition

"Relative Stranger": Date Outside Your Immediate Family, Please

Hallmark, bless them, sends a lot of screeners. And so as far back as December, I was excited about "Relative Stranger" (Hallmark Channel, Saturday 9pm).

It stars "ER's" Eriq La Salle; Michael Beach ("ER", "Waitiing to Exhale," "Soul Food"); Michael Michele of "Homicide" and "ER"; and the woman credited on this film as Miss Cicely Tyson. And it's directed by Charles Burnett, who, if you're not familiar, I'd call a not-celebrated enough genius. He wrote and directed two fabulous and lovely films, "Killer of Sheep" and "To Sleep With Anger." "Sheep" was declared a national treasure by the Library of Congress and was among the first 50 films placed in the National Film Registry.

With those credentials, I figured this was like the Ivy League of TV movies.

Alas, "Relative Stranger" is a 2-hour movie with a really good 10 minutes. I've got two bones, in particular, to pick.

Two Weekend Movies About Love and Faith

And they're from Hallmark and Lifetime!

Lifetime's "Prayers for Bobby" -- on Saturday night at 9 -- takes on a tough topic: homosexuality and faith.

It tells the true story of Mary Griffith, played by Sigourney Weaver, a devout Christian who wants her family to end up in heaven together. She and her husband have a lovely, close-knit brood, two sons and two daughters. Their oldest son is a handsome football player; their youngest Bobby is a slight, sensitive beloved boy. And he is fighting
mightily to repress his feelings toward other males.

He's terrified that his family will reject him if they knew the truth, particularly his mother. And when he finally comes out, he's wracked with guilt and shame. His mother decides to "cure" him, with psychiatry and prayer.

So Sweet You'll Need Insulin in Your Champagne

That's "A Kiss at Midnight," the tale of Susan Flowers (played by
Faith Ford), who is turning 40 (apparently a woman's movie magic age),
and owns a small matchmaking shop and writes a popular romance blog.

At her New Year's Eve party, to which she has invited all her
successful matches, she tells her best friend, a spunky nun/nurse (played by
Kim Rhodes, the mom in "The Suite Life of Zach & Cody") her
resolution for the year: to meet Mr. Right and kiss him at midnight.

Meanwhile, across town, widower Joshua Sherman (Cameron Daddo, who could
form a good-looking-white-hair-guy club with Anderson Cooper and Mad
Men's John Slattery) is celebrating the ball drop with his two
precocious daughters. Josh is the CEO of an online dating service that
relies on "science" to make its matches.

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