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What to Watch on Friday: 'Home Makeover' series finale aids families in Joplin

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (8pm, ABC) - For the show's series finale, two hours are devoted to showing the rebuilding of seven homes in Joplin, Missouri, where families suffered great losses during an October 2011 tornado. The Makoever gang also refurbished a local park, created a new playground, and built a memorial site to volunteers who came to the aid of others after the storm.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - A mission in Vail, Colorado, involves Morgan facing fallout from being the Intersect and the gang receiving help from an unlikely source: Bo Derek, who plays herself.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - A prison escapee seeks revenge against those who put him behind bars, and his strength and tolerance for pain makes Nick suspect the fugitive is a monster.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - Peter takes a dangerous journey to the alternate universe to confront Walternate, while Olivia hears an ominous prediction from an Observer.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Danny and Jackie investigate a murder at a diner, and the chief suspect is a fellow officer who was seen fleeing from the crime scene shortly after shots were fired.

America's Most Hated Family (10pm, National Geographic Family) - When I read the title of this show, I was skeptical there could possibly be a broad consensus on this dubious distinction. But yep, I concur. Louis Theroux profiles the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, infamous for protesting at military funerals (and at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards).

What to Watch on Friday: Rebecca Romijn gets ruthless on 'Chuck'

The Bishop's Wife (8pm, Turner Classic Movies) - I adore this movie. A dapper angel (Cary Grant) tries to solve the social and domestic problems of a  bishop (David Niven) at Christmastime. Loretta Young stars as the bishop's wife.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck and Sarah race against time to take down a dangerous computer virus, pitting them against Robyn Cunnings (Rebecca Romijn, right), a ruthless spy who will stop at nothing to get what she needs. Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome’s date night takes a dangerous turn and Morgan is sent on a special mission to recover Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S.  Adam Baldwin also stars.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - A murder investigation in the woods leads to the reopening of a missing-person case, and Nick asks Monroe to make contact with a feral creature.

The Life and Times of Tim (9pm, HBO) - In the Season 3 premiere, Tim finds work as an assistant to a women's professional-basketball player and decides he needs a haircut for a job interview.

20/20: Million Moms Challenge (10pm, ABC) - A special on ABC's initiative to raise awareness and funds to address pregnancy issues and children's health issues.

Sanctuary (10pm, Syfy) - A quest to capture a legendary Abnormal in Bolivia leaves Will and Magnus injured and trapped in a cave-in, where they confront truths about themselves and their relationship.

What to Watch on Friday: 'Frosty' rocks a two-hour Christmas block

Frosty the Snowman (8pm, CBS) - Jimmy Durante narrates this animated tale of a warmhearted snowman who comes to life and must then make his way to the North Pole before temperatures warm the rest of him. "Frosty Returns" airs just after this, followed by "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus," and "Elf on a Shelf: An Elf's Story."

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - An undercover mission spins around an extreme computer virus, an oddball cult and Chuck's hacker past. Meanwhile, a new Buy More staff arrives and adds a new dynamic to Jeff and Lester's bond. Zachary Levi, who plays Chuck, directed the episode.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (8pm, ABC) - The team travels to Maryland to help the family of a teen who lost his hand in an accident, and who is someone who has given to his family and community in many selfless ways. Two hours.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - In an episode called "The Three Bad Wolves," an arson case exposes a family feud, and Monroe confronts people from his troubled past.

Boss (10pm, Starz) - In tonight's first season finale, the governor's race is a tight one, with Mayor Kane (Kelsey Grammer) trying to work his political magic. Also, Emma's world is rocked and Meredith tries to prove her loyalty to her husband. Glad this show is getting a second season despite disappointing ratings. It's definitely worth checking out.

Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold (10pm, Lifetime) - Tracey tries to help a woman whose battle with anorexia threatens to end her marriage, and a woman struggling with bulimia who turned to crime to support her eating disorder.

What to Watch on Thursday: 'Grimm' bonus on the schedule

Community (8pm, NBC) - In the show's annual Christmas episode, Greendale's choir director (Taran Killam) recruits the study group to fill in for the sidelined glee club. Though initially skeptical, the gang soon get in the spirit for the school's Christmas pageant.

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Detective Carter is identified as a person of interest and Reese and Finch must save her without exposing themselves.

Bones (9pm, Fox) - The team discovers the death of a storm chaser may not have been caused by the tornado he ws following. Meanwhile, Booth becomes very  protective of Brennan at home and at work.

Grimm (10pm, NBC) - This is a new time for "Grimm," which is good for "Grimm" fans but sad for fans of "Prime Suspect," which used to sit in this spot. Tonight, a high school teacher's death kicks off an investigation that leads Nick (Dave Giuntoli, right) to a troubled musical prodigy. Another new episode of "Grimm" will air tomorrow night at 9 in its normal timeslot.

The Great Big American Auction (10pm, ABC) - I'm not exactly sure how he's qualified for this, but Ty Pennington helps the owners of rare collectibles uncover their items' worth, and the top items are then put in a bidding war at an auction.

Burn Notice (10pm, USA) - Jesse calls in the team to help stop a smuggler from bringing blood diamonds into the country. If I had to come up with one word to explain why I lost interest in this show, I'd point to the first one in this blurb.

What to Watch on Friday: We appreciate 'Women Who Rock'

A Gifted Man (8pm, CBS) - Rita and her husband (Tom Wopat) want Michael to operate on their son after he gets injured in a motorcycle accident on Thanksgiving.

Nikita (8pm, CW) - Nikita steals Oversight money to force a meeting where she and Birkhoff can identify its members, but Birkhoff is captured and tortured when he refuses to reveal where Nikita is hiding.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Monroe goes undercover to get a whiff of a hypnotic suspect for Nick, and a stranger seeks revenge for the death of a friend who was killed by a Grimm.

Women Who Rock (10pm, UNC-TV) - A documentary that charts the female influence on rock and roll, from its blues roots in the 1920s and 1930s to the present pop scene, which is ruled to a large extent by women. Hosted by Cyndi Lauper, the special includes: Bessie Smith; Ma Rainey; Mother Maybelle Carter; Mahalia Jackson; Darlene Love; Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson; Bonnie RaittWanda Jackson; Mavis Staples; and Blondie's Deborah Harry.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Henry suffers a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Danny investigates a young woman's suicide that may have been forced, and Frank and the mayor clash over a threat to the city.

Flying Wild Alaska (10pm, Discovery) - Jim faces a risky landing on a frozen river while Luke has problems getting his plane to take off, and a pilot carries vaccines to Russia's border (remember, it's close).

What to Watch on Friday: A flash-mob with a 'Grimm' ending

A Gifted Man (8pm, CBS) - The heinous criminal actions of a brain-tumor patient (John Benjamin Hickey) weigh on Michael as he makes a choice about saving the man's life.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - The team aim to crush a most-wanted evildoer, but Chuck soon realizes that recent life-altering events might be swelling Morgan's ego. Also, Sarah gives relationship pointers to Casey as he inches closer to Gertrude (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - An innocent flash-mob scene ends with a homicide. Also, Nick learns more about his Grimm roots, and he and Hank (left) are tasked with protecting a shady character.

Supernatural (9pm, CW) - Sam gets involved in a confrontation with someone from his past, and Dean reluctantly teams up with another hunter (DJ Qualls) when he finds himself in a situation that he cannot explain.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Jackie goes undercover as an escort to catch a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes in hotel rooms. Meanwhile, Erin meets a potential suitor (Fred Weller, who plays Marshal Marshall on "In Plain Sight") at an art gallery.

Sanctuary (10pm, Syfy) - Two flying Abnormals land on the Sanctuary seeking Magnus' help, and Will is temporarily blinded during a riot in Monrovia.

What to Watch on Friday: 'Grimm' monsters and 'Banjo' history

Nikita (8pm, CW) - Ryan has secrets to give Nikita regarding how Oversight is funded, but Amanda intercepts the messages between Ryan and Nikita, and Nikita and Michael race to get Ryan out of prison.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck tries to get his freelance spy business off the ground as the team search for a vanished person and compete with a crafty business rival (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Nick and Hank investigate a breaking-and-entering case that leads them to a mysterious family with a cultural heritage of blurring the line between right and wrong. Nick also asks his blutbad buddy Monroe to help safeguard Aunt Marie.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - An electrical engineer (Stephen Root) and his wife (Romy Rosemont), a theoretical physicist, pitch in during a frantic search for a pattern between time-loop anomalies.

Give Me the Banjo (10pm, UNC-TV) - Steve Martin narrates the history of the banjo, which dates back to colonial times. Includes comments and performances by Earl Scruggs, Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, the Carolina Chocolate Drops and Abigail Washburn. Roseanne Cash hosts and talks with fellow country star (and former husband) Rodney Crowell about the influence banjo music has had on their musical styles.

Sanctuary (10pm, Syfy) - The team tracks an Abnormal fugitive, and discovers that Tesla is the head of a secret research lab for a Homeland Security agency that conducts tests on Abnormals.

Note: A Gifted Man, CSI:NY, and Blue Bloods are all new tonight, but I don't know if CBS will show the episodes they aborted last Friday in deference to the final game of the World Series, or if they'll show the ones they have listed currently online. Just tune in and you'll get new stuff.


I recently did an interview with a writer who said everything we fear and everything we need to overcome those fears are in fairy tales. That's good to keep in mind while watching "Grimm" (9 tonight, NBC) a clever show that uses fairy tales as fodder for a police procedural.

Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli) is a detective in Oregon, and, it turns out, a Grimm family member. That makes him capable of seeing and killing the monsters hidden among us. As he and his partner Hank (Russell Hornsby) are searching for a monster attacking women, Nick is learning more about his legacy from his dying aunt (Kate Burton). Along the way, he meets Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a werewolf who has learned to control his ways.

What to Watch on Friday: NBC shines with 'Chuck' and 'Grimm'

A Gifted Man (8pm, CBS) - Michael is surprised to see an ex-football star whom he once treated now getting help at the clinic because he's homeless.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - The fifth and final season opens with Chuck (Zachary Levi, left) adapting to changes, such as dealing with an unlikely new Intersect and fronting his freshly minted spy-for-hire business. Carmichael Industries takes on a wealthy thief (Mark Hamill) and a sly investor (Craig Kilborn). Meanwhile, Morgan and Chuck team up to give Sarah a special surprise, and Jeff and Lester launch yet another scheme.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - In the first episode of this strong new series following a detective who tracks fairy tale monsters, a university student is savagely attacked while jogging, and a mysterious woman visits her nephew to tell him a family secret. Read more in Adrienne's review.

Supernatural (9pm, CW) - Sam and Dean are cloned by two Leviathans who go on a killing spree as the two brothers, which lands the real Sam and Dean on the FBI's most wanted list. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to find a way to kill the Leviathans.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - The threatening return of the translucent shape-shifters coincides with the reemergence of a former Massive Dynamic scientist (Arye Gross). Meanwhile, Walter gets a visit in the lab from Nina Sharp.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Frank deals with a political crisis after Jamie and Renzulli are injured by a church security team that refuses to let them enter a religious center in response to a 911 call.

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